Flashy the talking pen

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This is a little animation i quickly put together for a presentation in my Business English class.



Flashy is so CUTE! He looks like something you'd see in a anime! Pretty basic info for old-school NGers, but informative nonetheless. Good work.

Thank you again!

I have never touched that program because I didn't quite know what is it for., I have been in newgrounds for ages but only to watch and vote, never to make animations. If u do more tutorial for steps in making animations, I believe I will not be the only one who will try to make animations and contribute to newgrounds that way.

Fairly nice...

It was an interesting watch. Of course, it'll be old news for NG folk, but it seems like a good presentation for your class.

I didn't see why you spent time trying to match some subtitles with the speech word for word though - having the bullet points appear as one would be good enough and perhaps even less intrusive.

Nice stuff though. Didn't like the charts that kept coming up over and over, or the bitmap edges, but otherwise it was fairly professional looking, with a nice colour palette for the main bit, I thought.

Why does that pen keep on calling us "kids"??????

It was funny because of unknown resons :D


Yes Flash is indeed a vector based animation package, NOW HOW ABOUT USING THOSE VECTORS?!!!

Nocturnal-Devil responds:

didn't have enough time
i had some pics already drawn so i used those for my presentation which is due today. if i was making this just for fun i'd take my time and make it nice

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Nov 29, 2004
12:45 AM EST
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