Banned Down South

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My first submission. My first full featured flash animation. I compressed this so the quality is reduced, the original size was 7.6MB take that into account. Other then that it's different and funny. Let me know if I pass and should do more.


Dont know why this movie scored so low...

I find it amazing
Hardly have any complains!
Keep continuing this episode plz i need to know the rest PLZ!!!!

PureCarnage responds:

I don't think people get it... no worries, I have fun making it and the scores don't matter whatso ever.

Thanks for the review.

fucking awsome

dude that was sweet i loved it
and thankx for the free hentai link at the end ^_~


Anything relating to South Park kick ass!

Loved the story line!

Loved the fact that you can acctually use those links to go to the actual Howard Stren boards!!!

You guys rock and so Howard Stren! LIBERATE STREN!

PureCarnage responds:

It's just to bad they closed the board... that sucked so much... miss that fucked up place.

loved the south park imitation

and the anti-moderator bent. That is what i meant by read between the lines; it can be for any moderator, not just the ones on the howard stern forum! Any forum! Any...

PureCarnage responds:

Awesome... I think messageboard posters around the globe can feel my pain dealing with retarded moderators. It's true on so many forums I post on, some modtard gets excited with his gift of power and bashes down a forum user... lol... vengence is mine!


that. was. so. fuckin. awesome.

PureCarnage responds:

Thanks Guitar Hitman... more to come hopefully.

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Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2004
7:16 PM EST
Comedy - Parody