Peg-A-Leg Version 2.0

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Dumb game, but well done I suppose. I don't feel like taking the time to figure out how to beat it.

Music doesn't loop or anything, if you wanted it to do that.

I was able to get the game to glitch where one of the pegs was completely off of where it should be able to go. Reseting doesn't fix it, I'd have to reopen it.

ssssssssssffjfjjf responds:

meh ur stupid :D ur just mad that u cant beat it and no its nothing special to be able 2 glitch the game... i know plently of ways including the peg trick thingy. so yeah

woah, de`javu

wow man, that was really good. I live in Chicago, and we're surrounded by hicks and such, and i remember seeing this game in a resturant when i was on a road trip. I'm surprisingly good at it too.

Great job!

ssssssssssffjfjjf responds:

thanks dancing banana man!

That was awesome

When I was a little kid I remember playing this game at a resturant with my brother. It brought back some great memories and you did a fantastic job.

And like you asked, I did infact beat the game on just my second try.

ssssssssssffjfjjf responds:

wow .... thanks that was the best review i have gotten :D

Fun little peg game

Beat it my first run through, still a fun little game. Maybe make it so that you can re-arrange the starting positions of the pegs? At anyrate, "yeehaw "i won. :)

ssssssssssffjfjjf responds:

yeeehaw! :D

i bet it really easy

i bet it really easy

ssssssssssffjfjjf responds:

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2.39 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2004
6:50 PM EST
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