Legend Of Kage Pt. 1

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Legend of Kage is based on an old old game for Nintendo. I changed the story because the one in the game was too simple.

He is a ninja who's lost all hope because the evil warlord Yoshi had taken the lives of his loved ones, including his master, and Princess Kiri. With the nightmares he has each night, the only thing keeping him alive is his desperate attempt to avenge their death.

The word Kage is pronounced "kaa-gay" and it means "shadow" in Japanese.

I still suck at animating .. oh well. At least i've improved greatly since my first flash .. =)

PS: pardon my bad english throughout th movie .. some things won't make sence, and pardon the bad voice acting because i had to do all the voices by myself.

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Are you serious?

Are u serious, the princess died at the end? Aw wat a rip off.... It was still a good flash :)

Great !

I am glad someone made a flash about the classic legend of kage.....I just put the word in the search bar and tought i couldnt find anything because the game was so unpopular , but surprise surprise.....You even had those annoying firebreathing monks in this movie , and the original music !

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

thank you! :D


The music was really annoying at the beginning, and the sound was weird but it was a decent flash. What I didnt get about it was Yoshi, the evil Warlord...You do know Yoshi literally translates as "Good" Right? Just checking... Anyway, a fine flash you got there. Keep up the work and practice!

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

hey i didnt make up the names ... its all from the original legend of kage game. thanks for your review tho =)


nice flash. a very cool main character you got there. can't say i remeber playing the game to well but i should look into it, it sounds pretty fun. anyway, the violence was alittle lacking but i could deal with what i had and keep satisfied. i really like this idea and think you should run with it.

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

Thanks for viewing my movies after u saw "battle of engee" =) i'm glad you liked this movie!

i got it

unlike most i liked the sound, it was the same music as it was in the game. I thought you did it that way on purpose. That took me back so i liked it!

Add some indian- style jumping through the air and some butterflies to hit with the sword in a circular motion and everything woud be right on. KAGE was a cool game from back in the day. keep doing these...add more blood.

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

lol you're sooo right. . some ppl just dont understand i took that music on purpose. lol about the butterflies .. imagine kage all serious and he's walking and sees a butterfly and he jumps up and slices it in half hahahahh that would be so jokes

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4.01 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2004
11:12 AM EST
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