Legend Of Kage Pt. 1

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Legend of Kage is based on an old old game for Nintendo. I changed the story because the one in the game was too simple.

He is a ninja who's lost all hope because the evil warlord Yoshi had taken the lives of his loved ones, including his master, and Princess Kiri. With the nightmares he has each night, the only thing keeping him alive is his desperate attempt to avenge their death.

The word Kage is pronounced "kaa-gay" and it means "shadow" in Japanese.

I still suck at animating .. oh well. At least i've improved greatly since my first flash .. =)

PS: pardon my bad english throughout th movie .. some things won't make sence, and pardon the bad voice acting because i had to do all the voices by myself.


Dude yo need way better music than that, it just

dosent catch the person whos listining or watching, put in some ac dc or something lol

pretty good

it was a great flash. the graphics are a little bad but other wise the movie was great. the music gets a little annoying. nice

great job

yea, the animation got a little generic in very few of the parts like when he got hit with the blue thingy and the sound (even though it was probably from the original game) did get a little annoying. Otherwise everything was awesome, the story, the fighting, everything.

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

thank you =)

Kick ass......

That was a very cool movie I can't wait for the seqeul this movie deserves to be voted 5.

P.S. Legend of Kage is a fun game thanx for turning it into a flash.

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

lol yep i agree with you! thanks lol =)

Haha! wow..thanks for the memory trip

Diggin the old LoK nintendo music...you must've played that game a lot. Damn game annoyed me too much with all them ninjas flyin around. Good flash though, keep it up.

Moonlight-Dragun responds:

lol it was my favourite nintendo game! thanks for your review

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3.72 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2004
11:12 AM EST
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