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awsome as allways

thats on of the things that confuse me about critianty if we basicly pray for death and all our problems will be taken care of after death why is it considered a sin for suicide....could it be....death itself if our reward to shut down and lose consicous that is my best explination so far maybe thats why people disire sleep so much a time to not think, not see, not to be...maybe thats just me but another thing about heaven why do we want perfection? why cant we see the beatuy and release in chaos? i dont want a perfect world flaws are what makes it intresting...thats all i have for now anyone can pm me if they want to discuss and debate on politics religion what-not


That song is just... It's amazing how it brought the whole flash together AND creeped me the hell out lol. The animation itself was a bit simple but with the overall rythm of the song it fit so well that it made this yet another great flash from you. Great job. creepy... dont know if that was what you were going for but it was great nonetheless. It amazes me how diverse some of your animations are. Keep it up. Makes it all the more intresting ~_^


omfg. dood, this song really creeps me the fuck out of here. what is the name of this song? its just..... UGH! creepy and ominous as hell. anyway, awesome choice of song. not a wonderful flash, but its totally saved by the song.

good but lacking

just read above

Don't ever let anyone speak ill of this.

First, there have only been one other song in the world that sent shivers down my spine like this one does and it's not for the same reason. I hear this song and I feel cold and even scared. That's something.

Stylistically, I've never seen anything so unique and so powerful in its simplicity. Especially on a site like Newgrounds.

Sadly, on a site like Newgrounds, you find a very large amount of morons. These morons bash on this piece of true art simply because they "don't get it" or don't understand the symbolism. But these morons are just that. Morons. Don't ever let them say that this is bad, because, really, it's probably the movie closest to perfect.

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2004
4:37 PM EST