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Hey NG!

Here's a short movie I just made in a bout an hour or two. We just finished watching "Schinder's List" in history, and I loved it. It's such a strong film about the holocaust. I felt like making a flash about the holocaust, so here it is.

I hope you enjoy it, and I made it for the message, not so much the animation.


well done

i remember watching the film "the pianist" for the first time. So moving.
it was all those years ago and it is still scarred in european history, its good to see someone who recognises how horrible the holocaust was. Though my family was never directly affected, im still moved by it.


ya... se im german.. im very sorry about that.. but i don't feel guilty cause.. i didnnt do that to them.. its terrible what they did to the jews i know but i werent alive in that time eh? ^^
Even tho Nice movie =)
Schindlers list is awsome too
we were in poland on a class trip and we sa auschwitz and shindlers manufactory
okay.. um.. ya nice movie tho =P


i feel really bad
im half german
and 12
so i feel sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo bad even i was born in the UK
and to thracian
its not a parady it dont look like a parady
nothing bout it is a parady
and how do you know what they looked like?

i only found 1 thing wrong with this

there was more than 1 concerntration camp


Don't even start me... I'm really pissed at Hitler. He KILLED my Jewish Grandpa. My Grandpa was spending a year in germany, I have no clue why, but anyways, they found him, and killed him. He was sent to the so called "Showers" is what family history tells me.
Thracian, I'm sure you haven't made a flash about the Holocaust, so, 'He is without sin casts the first pebble.'
Not really sin, but still. I'd like to see better Thracian.
I don't think he'd be able to go back in time and vid cam the jews and stuff without hitler killing him or a Nazi killing him.
So, in theory, GREAT movie, almost had me cryin' rememberin' bout my grandpa. He managed to kill 2 Nazis in the struggle, so they actually put restraints on him when he went to the camp.

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Nov 27, 2004
2:44 PM EST
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