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[!*!]This is an UPDATE from a previous flash I took your peoples comments and made it longer and added a taco bell and a shit happens at the end.but i think it lost its humour in the ravamping when this makes it through and does betteri'll delete the old one
Based on a true story!
This girl in grade 10 I believe was sitting ... see I can't tell you or it gives the whole story away but it did happen.


((( OK )))

Well notbad, but why such a HUGE window size, it was hard to see, as for the story heh made me chuckle a few times, and while the characters and backrounds were funny and simple it was still interesting, next time dont make the window so large heh, anyways nice job...


ha ha ha goddamn

that shur was a shitty story but i loved it the graphics were alright and so was the sound (just wish it had voices). but the end is great and the sfx of the crap made me spit out my coca cola. by the way did you see that person when they were takeing a shit, or after class did you just see the shit lyeing there?either way its nasty (shudder).keep up the good work.

WondaBread responds:

First of thank you very much! :) Second My microphone is broken but I might be getting one for Christmas ( A good microphone). Well atleast I got all that evil sugar out of your system unless your drinking that coca-cola 2 or what ever.No I didn't see the person when they were taking the shit I was actually told by another friend about this cause he had to sit in the chair next class and then he found out from some other people and he's like that's why the class smelt funny but anyways the story came to me some people suggested I make a flash of it ( mainly Taha) and here's the final flash. Thanks for the support.Buy something on my wishlist PLEASE!! lol.

Lmao this was funny as shit.

I like the fat little baby hes cute.Random goodness you have to love it!


well, the story was pretty shitty, but i liked your efforts and the music too, so i guess they offset each other.


Well, it does go along with the title.. So I guess you really can't expect anything lower than what it said.

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Nov 26, 2004
6:37 PM EST
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