PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 5

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(i dedicate this Yaoi to all of my fan-girls <3)

The love we have, sets my heart on fire. Your love and caring, I do desire. When I am with you, I feel no pain, You shine with sunlight, on a day of rain.

I know our love, will always last. I love you more, with each day past. Without you here, I cannot be. For you my love, are part of me.

Piconjo <3s j00


that's precious

Okay, the name of this is EPIC KISS 5. which leads me to believe that there were 4 previous EPIC KISS cartoons that were all BLAMMED because although the graphics were good, it was lame because of plot... was I in slow motion? or was my brain melting... why did they kiss for like an hour... and did it hurt... why were they crying so hard? did they click teeth? and were they both boys? i'm no homophobe, I just need to know... and that song made me crap my pants.... I went to change them, and when I got back, they were still crying and still kissing.. please let there be no EPIC KISS 6 it'll end up where the previous 5 went... new concept anyone?

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Its cool to know you are still making fun of the gay animators. Good luck in pixar.


I loce ya piconjo but I've gotta tell you man It's getting harder to stick up for you when you keep doing this shit...


Not much else to say...Zzzzzzz needs more actual animation.


I don't know what you did to Knox? Did you buttrape him while you were trying to take out Wadolf?

Oh wait, you killed him after you took out Luis in that slaughter thing where you took out HEE HEE IM GEL at the end. That was it.

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2.21 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2004
1:22 AM EST