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Take this movie however you'd like. There is no certain defined message or meaning behind it, but that is not to say it is without thought.
Characters were purposefully kept rough, because I think a slickness would undermine the mood.

I created this before my most recent submission (and thus lacked some technical/animating skills), but I thought it might be of interest regardless.


a truley amazing flash

I adore this flash, it so.. hard to explain its just amazing. well done.

very awesome

lets blow this socialist breath of fresh air up Kenneth Lay's and the Right Wing's ASS... the guy in pink is GAY! (no, seriously, watch the movie and see!) very well done, important message!

must see flash

I havent afucking clue what I just saw or its meaning, but its well done has a story (good one too ) and was well done thru sound and animation thus a perfect score. I'll have to watch again later maybe i will get the story but then again my mind often works 2 grade levels above bushes -_-

anywho perfect score man

Capitalists (with their shining white teeth)...

Just as long as there's a dollar to be made, it doesn't matter who's life gets destroyed? I'm sorry, I'll have to watch it again tomorrow morning--I'm about to go to bed (3:33 am exactly...)..It was really meaningful. I kind of got from it that most ppl are relatively insignificant (who really examines the serial numbers on dollar bills --and more importantly remembers them?) on the grander scale and that those who do matter, those who do stand out and are thought of (generally the glitzy, over-exposed type--fill in X name celebrity whatever) tend to control and possess lots of capital...Kind of depressing. I hope people like this one.

All very good up to the end...

That was really interesting. I think it would have stood better on its own without loosing any strengh if the rich guy in the end would have been all together omitted. Instead of pinning the blame on individuals, it would have done so on a collective level. The machine, the process has taken away any reason for it and it's got a life of its own (kind of like the movie The Cube). The style is excellent, though it reeks of Metropolis (in a good way).
Keep it up, but damn that pick shirted man...

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3.38 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2004
3:14 AM EST
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