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Video Game Quiz

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Author Comments

This is just a game I made for the hell of it. I sometimes like to make these things just to have it on newgrounds. Remember that you dont need to capitalize your letters when your doing a question without choices.

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You might want to check your own facts before you make a quiz like this... Final Fantasy III was actually the sixth in the series (only titled 3 for us because we didn't get all of them at first), so don't put VI as an option if you want it to be incorrect... The question about how many bowsers there are (you know there was only one and he didn't die when he fell off the bridge right?) can be misleading if one is taking it to mean how many are in the family, which would be 10... 8 Koopalings, Bowser and Bowser Jr., and the main thing that bothers me is that you think Yoshi first appeared in Yoshi's Cookie on the NES (1992) when Super Mario World came out in 1990... Just because Yoshi's Cookie was relased on a system that was out before Super Mario World it doesn't mean it was made before it.

It was already stated about the Ar Wings' G-Diffusers so there is no point in ranting about that.

I'm a nerd!

That was cool. Fun. I got a 12/20.

It was good.

This was a great way to test your knowledge of retro gaming, but you should test your own before making a quiz: the G-Diffuser is not a laser. It is a component of the Arwing's engine that makes it impervious to gravity (G=Gravity).

((( FUN )))

This was fun,i liked the game had fun with it, didnt get everything but it was still funny and entertaining, nice touch with the "MARIO" at the start and his sayings it was funny and made me laugh, anyways fun game i had fun with it...


It's okay, but you're STILL wrong on FFVI!

It IS called Final Fantasy VI is America! The game was rereleased in America as Final Fantasy VI in 1999. Some people may have only played that version, then they go and get it wrong in your quiz. That makes no sense.