Legend Of Zelda OOT Quiz

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heres a simple quiz about ocarina of time..made by me and Captain_Flash. theres about 20 questions which test basic and not so basic knowledge on the greatest zelda game



Those other reviewers are crazy...

I know a lot more about Zelda trivia than most, and I say that this was a pretty good quiz. No real mistakes, except for one: Dragmire is not Ganondorf's real last name. That's just something that they came up with for the cartoon, which is not considered to be canon. Ganondorf has no last name, like everyone else in the Zelda series.

Other comments: The Skull Kid does look a bit different in OoT, so maybe using a Majora's Mask pic wasn't the best idea, but oh well. Props on that "Requiem of Shadow" bit, and also about Malon's medallion (glad I read that elsewhere in some Zelda trivia, or I might not have known).

Overall, it was pretty good. Nice job.

ok that was good

to the last reveiw:omg lol!all those questions are correct.idk about the forest one but the rest are right rofl!u dumbass.lol go check the game i've beaten 57 times.his questions r right.

to quizmaster:good quiz dont listen to those dumbasses all those questions r correct.


ive been ocarina of time 12 timez!!!! 12 friggin timez!!!! i took this quiz and it said i was wrong.... the every question except 2 are correct... dude u suck at zelda

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WTF?!?!?im a loz freak and most of those are wrong

most of those questions are wrong,

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I found it bad

Some of the questions were wrong, besides this was really boring, could have been better with more stuff.


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Nov 23, 2004
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