StrawberryClock: TheTruth

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we all hate strawberry_clock. watch


well said

It realy is the truth thx u for tell the world this! I rate the a high mark if u haven't already join the F-krew they hate the CC. =P


THANK YOU! I always new that fag was gay! I just couldn't prove it! anyway, you should sue that faggot's ass before he rips of other people's stuff! anyways good luck in making more flash.


This movie was pathetic, Equal to that of Strawberry clocks, but what really annoys me, is reading the reveiws his followers make... We all know he is Gay, and no matter how many times or how many little followers he drags along, it's not going to change that, so... I'll give you a 3 because I hate him too.

Sure you get no good ratings, but...

you get 10 for immaturity!

First, I will adress all point i make as you did. Second, I will write this review as I go through this crap a second time. Third, Did the band ever have a Strawberry with a clock as a face? Fourth, You take time to insult a flash client, showing to us that you despise more than StrawberryClock and Yourself. Fifth, you mis-spell his name to insult him in a "Clever Play-on-words". Sixth, you take his anger as being gay, instead of maybe, oh, I don't know... Pissed about the prejudice, which, might I add, is prevalent. Seventh, due to your assumptions, you will assume I am Gay, as I am speaking about it in a non-objective view. Their sexuality, not yours. Eighth, You show to us that you take a point of view that is going to end with the death of many people over their Sexuality, which you have none of. Ninth, Bullying is a serious issue. That you would encourage this kind of behavior, it points out that have either done this or have had this happen to you which would explain your sad, pathetic attitude to life. Tenth, who doesn't get a kick out of making a flash movie? Eleventh, If no one likes him, Why does he have a group of other people idolize him? Twelfth, Suicide is a serious matter, and you just farted in the Newgrounds policies face by requesting, none too politely, that someone go and do just that. Thirteenth, I would seriously doubt his parents would encourage that. Fourteenth, I doubt that a four-year old Ethiopian would have access to a computer, a flash program, let alone be able to make a flash without any knowledge of how to do it. Fifteenth, I doubt that picture is accurate. Sixteenth, I doubt he would own that kind of truck. Seventeenth, I doubt he would just die, have blood pour out of his head, and be naked, fondling himself at that time. Eighteenth, You animate in stick-figures, so how is he worse than you? Nineteenth, on the Author's comments, not EVERYONE hates Strawberry Clock, making it a lie. Twentieth, You have to be pretty stupid to anger a large group of people like the Clocks. If they were even a little like you, they'd get each person to bookmark this page, and vote Zeroes daily. I hope that you will get a life, move out of your parents house if you're not wetting the bed anymore, and try to live a life, instead of huddling over your computer until you die of lack of sleep, creating more Anti-Clock animations.

You make a good point.

I decided to read some of the reviews you got on this, and the people who reviewed are all complete morons. Well, the one's who worship someone they don't know, strawberry_clock. Or, they have Clock after their names. Take Monsterclock and Albino_Clock for example, they're morons!

But I really don't like how you insulted gays, just because they like a diffrent gender doesn't mean they're bad. I mean, what did they ever do to you? You should be glad there's a 0% chance of them stealing your girlfriend.

And yeah, i'm sure strawberry clock stole his name from an OLD band. In fact, you stole your name from Attack of the Clones, right?

Keyword in your movie: BET. You don't have any proof about him. Why do people these days assume all people who go on the internet are complete nerds? Hey jock, here's a quick question:
In highschool, which will help you more in real life? It should be easy for you, it is multiple choice, eh jock?

A. Football.
B. Animating.

First, let's analyze the possiblities of jobs both allow:
Football- NFL.
Animating- Flash animator.

Next, let's analyze the percentage that job will be fullfilled:
NFL- 10%
Flash Animator- 80%

Now guess which one is better. Oh, and your movie is crap.

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1.48 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2001
7:18 PM EDT