StrawberryClock: TheTruth

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we all hate strawberry_clock. watch


Good Point, but it needs something

Perhaps better graphics or something. The Choice of music is good, though. I do agree with you that he should be kicked off NG for polluting the portal with this vote 5 trash. (I don't think Tom and Wade would, though, they protected that ass that made fun of Dale Earnhardt) I thought that all of the people dissing Straw was doing it for no reason (I knew this crap as being created by Dildo_Monkey) I even started a NG bulletien (SP) board about Canada Bashing to piss people off because according to his bio, Straw is from Canada. But this stupid Canuck called me a loser for starting an argument even though I fessed up that it was a joke! I'm glad my family got the HELL out of that molson soaked maple syrup hellhole. So in closing, Okay Portal entry, Great point.


You know I pride myself on being one of the most sarcastic bastards on the face of this planet. Strawberry Clock has been the subject of some of my most ruthless reviews along with Madflash. You actually took insults to a new level. You went through the trouble to put together an actual flash cartoon for the sole purpose of insulting a prick who should be shot. Good job! Sure Madflash may be able to animate, but anyone who can put bob sagot in tights and be proud has got to have more than a little sugar in their veins.

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god is humored!!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! after reading that i realize that strawberry clock... is GAY and GOD doesnt accept gay so he will be going to HELL with all of his gay buddys die clock die i hope you burn in hell for being gay and stuff!!!!


lets go! down to overflow! lets go lets go


Dude, that was fuking hilarious. I never realized how much of an asshole Strawberry Cock was until I watched your awesome flash. Good job.

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Jun 8, 2001
7:18 PM EDT