FF Tribute - Piconjo Mix

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aka "Piconjo Robo Voice"

Nearly 60 Nazigrounds characters, 2 minutes of Piconjo Theme love, and 1 little bouncing p3n0r. ---- This is for all the piconjer fans. It's not ment to be laugh out loud funny, but I hope it makes your p3n0r do a river dance. Enjoy.

1) I did not make the song. Piconjo of piconjo.com did. I asked him if I could use it. He said yes.
2) If you want to download the song, (By Piconjo, not me!) then click on the aduio link to the left!
3)the preloader is based directly off 8-bit p3n0r. Call it a tribute to a great web comic :)
4) The dude at the end with the brown hair is Pikanjo (aka is fat and ghey) from nazigrounds.
5) There is a hidden scene. Click on something that looks out of place in nazigrounds... (the scene itself is just a joke, not true!)
6)I want to thank everyone who made this cartoon a success! (<3 j00!)

UPDATE: I added a button at the very end that allows you to print out the lyrics, so you can take them anywhere and annoy people.

(I suggest playing this movie on Medium or Low Quality unless you have a l33t machine.)

***Flash Movie #2000***


..YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that was lame

u gotta be kidding me

the worst peice of crap ive seen


The graphics were poor
The animation was bad
The music was awful

Again these questionable themes are a major turn off.


^^Good Points^^
The music was kind of humorous at times.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is horrible. Your drawings are crude, and your animations are even cruder. This has no storyline other than these two guys having sex. This isn't funny at all or entertaining. You put very little effort into this since most of your animations are just rotations or just movements between two frames.

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1.11 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2004
1:15 AM EST