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Phil the Caterpillar

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Nov 22, 2004 | 12:13 AM EST

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Author Comments

This is Phil,he's a caterpillar, and he wants to eat eat a nice juicy leaf. But some stupid crow wants to eat Phil. lets see who gets to eat tonight!:(

Phil the Caterpillar 2 is coming out VERY soon!!!Thanks to my fan "biow" who was very supported of me ofd PTC,I dedicate the 2nd one to him!



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how could any of you vote above 1?!?!? HORRIBLE


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Yet another complete stink bomb from this cat ...

Yet another complete stink bomb from this cat ...

I am pretty sure this guy is slow ... err retarded I mean.
The quality of the cartoons are soooo crappy, and his pix on his profile combined ...

Well you get my drift ... I don't mean to be 'mean,' but ...
The only joke in all of his .SWF’s is 'How funny it is, that he keeps submitting this shit'


'The PP'


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YET are the flash master u go in y fav list yay.GO PIL GO!!


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Man. How can you do this kind of shit! I mean man! These flash are awesome! Phil is awesome. You seem to be staying up pretty late. Im getting constant responses from you! And man! I like responses from my favorite authors! Sorry man. I cant tell my moms boy friend that hes a stupid shit. I ll get approximatly 1,000,000 whips in the ass by a chopstick! (scuse my accent) But thanx N E way for "trying" to help me. *Snicker* Your plans sure are clever! And no, i didnt know anything bout the webcam that takes pictures of anything. Whats the webcam? And does it require anything to take pictures? Thats all i want to know. Phil is awesome. And i noticed that you also gave the other guy "phillip" the same name! (Phillip in America os something). Great job! I shouldnt hav to say that N E more cuz man, u know me! Im your biggest fan! And for some reason, i like your "Halo 2: Covenant" submission. It makes me wanna watch it over and over again. And are you done with your Godzilla flash you told me about the other day?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Heh. Great job.

I truly enjoyed it. Was I mistakened that u sed that "I rocked"? Well, thank you. I never get those kind of compliments. And you sed that u had 10 asian friends. Well, congratulations! You earned my respect and a new friend. I would like to chat with u sometimes but u arent ever on. Is it that u got skool on ur ass? Me too. I dont hate skool and i dont like it. Its okay. If u were to ask me, "how was skool?" I would just shrug. Heh. That makes me chuckle a bit cuz im remembering old times. Im a fan of ur werk (not really) and i hope i CAN chat with u some day so u can get to know me a bit. Then maybe i ll tell u my real name... Congratulations man. Your submission made me choke on my sandwich (a lot) but im not mad 4tun@ly (if u dont no wat 4tun@ly means, then no this. 4 = for @ = at. Its a typo i made up!) And i peed my pants a couple of times (actually, a lot) cuz the caterpillar looked pathetic trying to run away from the crow. No offense man. I just think that cute things are pathetic. Heh, someday, u will too. Theres a trick i made up even after skool and u have homewerk. U can sine on and leeve ur computer like that and only respond a little bit and not be too talkative. Un4tun@ly 4 me, I get carried away and chat 4 a long time and 4get about homewerk. U shouldnt cuz u do not want 2 no wat its like in Vietnam (yes im vietnamese and quite an artist. I can draw japenese anime and such but enough about me. Lets get on with the revew) to get punished. They get chopsticks and u should no the rest lol. It hurts jus 2 think about it. To end this revew, I want 2 say a few things. 1) your very imaginative. 2)U have an artistic talent. 3)I like how u can make a variety of voices. And 4) Ur going straight 2 my favorites list. Hope u rite a response to my revew. I like to get responses from my favorite authors. ANd yet again, u get another long revew. Hope it doesnt waste ur time.

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ABob responds:

Thanks man!i GUESS I REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TO U now because im on IM and we are limitedwit talk here1sO THANKS you VERYS mUCHERS!