SpriteTT#2:Epic Battles:A

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**Please do not judge on a sprite bias**

Hey all sorry for the delay, problems with one memeber... anyway. This was a TT the criteria was:

- Epic Battle involving Megaman/X chars
- 1000kb limit
- 20 fps,
- 500x400

Hope you all enjoy! Please leave reviews!




that was awsome guys keep up with the good work!


SPrites were kinda lame but everything else makes up for!

great TT guys

even if you are late, and dont mean just a little late, LATEEEEEEEEEE, but anyways, down to the reviews

Kaosboy85: Great job Kaos, cept u didnt follow the rules u whore!!! STORY!!! anyways, great fight scene and all, good job, *WINNER*

Yoshi-1up:Haha, that 8-bit stuff was great, i wished i could have seen more fighting tho, the flash jokes were good too. and unlike Kaos, U HAD A STORY!!!! OWNAGE!!! 2nd Place

GinoGino13:Not too shabby at all, i liked it, but it seemed a little short, i mean the intro took up most of that flash, but good animation, it was quite enjoyable, great job on it! and next time, get it in on time!!!!and also, u so broke the rules! lol, it was ONE VS ONE!!!! not zero and X vs ONE:P, good job still

TwistedSoulman:Not too bad for your first sprite submission, i liked it. only thing was the battle was way too short, was good tho at the end when u had megaman quick cameo

so cool!!.

Its so nice to see sprite stuff.
it reminds me of my chilhood.........
keep the good work.



I liked Ginos movie, it started off all nice, with Flame Stag and the what not... then the fight scene and all was pretty awesome, with Zero coming in and stuff. then X runs off like a pussy and wonders if he can defeat anyone with out Zero.
ZERO > X. My opinion, blaahah!
Then theres a shit load of text... and... welll....... then it ends, then I hit menu, and the song in the background keeps playing for some reason >:(. Oh well.
Then, I watched Kaos' movie, and it's being swell and all, with Zero kicking some major ass, raping good ol homophobe. Some excellent ass kicking and effects going on in this one. liked the slow motion and teleport and the what not. X is a pussy lmao. Zeros final move was orgasmic.
Then I watched Yoshis, with some old school graphics and sound effects, and... well... he was kinda just dancing the whole time, lmao. then some dialouge, and well... kinda disappointing :'(
Then I watched Twistedsoulmans, and it's all like.. yayayayyayaya fun, and stuff.. cool music. At least it was zelda and not Megamn like all the other ones lmao.
Good job all.

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4.17 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2004
9:23 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 23, 2004