Grizzly's Rant I

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good stuff! lol, this was pretty funny, i was a little reluctant at first of actually watching it, but glad i decided to watch it, good job on it, keep up the good work, lol

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unwellpuss responds:

Thank you kind sir. Grizzly is your fwend! :3

lol, craziness

Right from the jumping little skulls I knew this was going to be good :)

All of the rawring was rather annoying, but still it ended up being pretty good for a Foamy spoof.

unwellpuss responds:

Grizzly is not annoying, he's talking about ethics and poetry, and other intellegent things. It's just hard to understand.

Grizzly is my fwend :3

The art style, the sound effects, the camera angle, everything in this movie was just perfect.

Hey, wait. Some n00b called "illwillpress" stole your idea!
What a bastard.

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unwellpuss responds:

I was using this idea where I tried to cough up slag while recording it, then I slowed it down and made it a grizzly bear.. illwill was standing outside mai window and thought he would steal and alter my idea years ago by making the voice sped up. After he released his first toon I felt sad, sad that my great idea for a original series was robbed from me! I am me! me is unwell! I rock!


Oh man that was a great parody, you made it so quickly too!

Awesome job!

unwellpuss responds:

Unwellpuss makes good movies as fast as lightning. I am unwellpuss! I rock!

I'm a fan of foamy, but I loved that.

Your parady of foamy is hilariously accurate from the unintelligible speech to the body movent. Keep up the good work!


unwellpuss responds:

Grizzly is your fwend! :3

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2004
9:46 AM EST
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