The Word of God

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I started work on this, then decided that the references were too esoteric and eclectic and weird, so I stopped, and then I figured what the hell, so here it is. Be sure to turn your volume up when you see stars.



Just another movie. I can't stand when the mouth doesn't match the words. Makes me think I'm watching a Godzilla movie.



it was ok

what would have made it alot better would be if you'd improve the voice, it was too fast, muffled and quiet. Half of it i hardly made out. Also a little more animation besides mouth movements would have been good.


Firstly, a quick comment to legato_bluesummers1: Halloween has never been a Christian holiday. It's become a popular holiday, if anything, but it's far from Christian. It's just like Christmas (which is celebrated at a time of year that also holds a 'pagan' holiday, among many other holidays) and has now simply become another way for people who sell useless junk to make money. Same with Easter and all these other days where we shell out cash for candy and unique home decor.

The sound was just a lil' bit irritating, mostly the fact that every time the speaker exhaled without attempting a vocalization, I still heard it. I dunno if the speaker should back up from the mic, or if someone needs a better mic, but it was hard to listen to. The animation was rather flat, besides the very end (which dragged on too long, I was hoping it would "dock" or something). As for the subject matter, eh, I'm not a huge fan. But don't think I'm giving a low score simply because of that; I've seen more offensive flash than this with higher quality sound and graphics, and rated it higher, leaving my religious, political, and Jell-O flavor preferences for my review. :)

Hm, pretty funny

Graphics were just fine. Very funny too.

Oh and I would like to state that this was a Flash movie, a F-L-A-S-H M-O-V-I-E! So don't freak out over it. If you are freaking out over this, you must be the people who thought Harry Potter was evil and that Disney was gay. This is the way the world is and this is the way people are. If you can't handle it you need to find a cheap and easy way of getting over it.

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1.93 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2004
3:15 AM EST