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You bastards voted my other one off, so I made this. I hate you all. Especially you.

If you don't like it, write a review saying why. I won't change it, because it's just a stupid little short I did because I thougt it was funny. I would still like the input though.

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I never voted on the prevoius one

But i would have blammed it anyway... it had ok graphics, but beside that it was crap. Why did you waste your time? All your doing is putting petrol in fire.people who hated you before are gonna hate you more, and if it did get blammed it was obviously not very good. mabe you should use your ability with graphics to make a good movie. but i would stay away from comedy....

I liked it..

I've never submitted anything but I'm sure if I did I'd try to make it to the best of my ability. If people voted it off, I'd be pissed off too. Iprobably wouldn't have thought to retaliate by using the medium the users are supposed to judge you on.
If the users aren't clever enough to vote on this in the manner they're supposed to and go abuse the artist, then they may want to take a quick look ar rule 1 of the reviews guideline.

I liked the movie, it was funny, well animated but was quite short.
Good job


lets vote this one off, too!!!


well, i guess you are mad, but this flash was a little stupid, cause it had nothing. good job typing the word assholes...at least you spelled it right....asshole.

Kinda funny. . .

Look, I don't know about your other animation, but if you post something that flames anyone on newgrounds, you can't expect to get a good score.
The short was kind of funny though. It made me chucle. But it was lacking a replay button, and was a tad how shall i put this?. . . Repetitive. Sadly hate toons/flashes don't tend to get good scoures, sorry. :(

Better luck on your next falsh. Really! I acually wish you luck this isn't an insult.

Credits & Info

1.87 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2001
2:31 PM EDT