Happy Birthday Heather?

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I submitted a previous one of my strange birthday cards, and It did surprisingly well, so here's another. Make sure you wait after the happy b-day message appears, a button will appear so you can see the "ending"... heh the end is what makes it all worthwhile. Sorry about the lag from the coins. Enjoy! I don't have antyhing agaisnt Mario btw.
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im scared for life and im still happy


another sprite.. voice acting needed... cool mario music though. maybe some drawings of dee pencil would look nice. okay... mario is talking to the animator? that is weird... happy b-day with coins... i would shoot myself if this had a score over a 3.00. then there's sex mario sprites... very random.

MilesTailsPrower responds:

I was considering voice acting... then I heard my voice recorded, lol. Thank you, it was supposed to be werid. Randomness can be good.

Happy birthday.....

Wow this is someway to tell some1 happy birthday. I'd say you it could use some more work but besides that not bad. I thought it was gonna be a funny mario parady but hm...but in a way what The_Great_Fenix said that is was random, well it was some1 what random but very original none the less.

MilesTailsPrower responds:

Look, my B-day cards arent about telling someone Happy B-day. That's the point, it's a short, funny toon, that has the side job of a B-day card. and if it's very original, it deserves more than a 3


How does this wish someone a happy birthday? Totally random crap!

MilesTailsPrower responds:

Ummm yeah... it wishes someone Happy Birthday... when it says Happy Birthday. By the way, random would have no story or plot. This had a very basic plot yes, but it was not random. Rot in hell as well. Thank you

nothing interesting

the graphic is just taken straight from mario, and it wasn't really fun...and the end, well...i think that if you can't make a flash without having to end it like that, don't do the flash in the first place...

MilesTailsPrower responds:

Hey, yeah, Mr. Corny, corn on the brain. It's a sprite movie, no $hit the graphics are from Mario! If you saw my other flashes you'd see they didnt end that way. Oh yeah, everyone else liked it, so I hope you rot in hell. Thank You.

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Nov 19, 2004
3:35 PM EST
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