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Got a little bit of everything in it, enjoy :)


Chrono Triggers Great, but this is...

Rubbish, to put it bluntly. The movie was not even slightly funny (and for those of you who think it was, try watching a monty python film).

The song you chose really did not suit the mood, and it was a bit strange that the band didn't have a vocalist (oh well I'm just nit-picking now).

What I still don't understand is why you bothered to keep mentioning Ozzie if he had no role in the movie? Why Robbo was a "designated driver" if none of them were planning on partying but massacring a bunch of knee high imps. And this 'massacre' just looked ugly as if a six year old had put it together in the space of five minutes.

Since this looks as though a minimal amount of effort was put in programing wise I'm gonna have to give you a zero for style as well.

SquareHard responds:

i guess some humor is jus out of reach for your tiny mind to understand, its ok though, i wont hold it against you. plus its not nice making fun of retarded people

to the moron b4

dude, calm down, if we are so down-syndromed, how come you spell horrifically wrong, don't make remarks on stupidity if you can't keep up with your own standards kid, it only spreads hypocrisy, and we wouldn't want someone acting like they are the government, we already have enough of that. ~and people wonder how communism was made~ wait wait "AWESOMELY STUPID!!!!!" "be sickened by what you think of others, because thinking about others is sickening" Judgement_Clown

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12 year olds may commence their idiotic retort

" dude he tryd ok so u try it if u can do wat he did ok"

No you did not try. The program you used to create this movie required you to add sprites and text bubbles, including blood stains in MSpaint.

Humor was mediocre, funny to junior high students such as the majority (Yes, the majority, Dont reply to this you unfunny sacks of prepubescent pieces of human shit) of reviewers and watchers who make a shortcut to this on their ad infested desktops.

I give you a 1 for overall because im going to jump to the conclusion that you have played Chrono Trigger. The lack of story and non existent point of reason makes some things funny. Things like Steve Odekerks "Kung Pow".

But this is an insult to NewGrounds. No, this would be an insult to Newgrounds, But what has already insulted this fresh and once before original idealistic website has already been defiled by you, you and you.

What was before a website that stated, Look at me i made a flash game that clubs seals. Has turned into a junior high school meeting place, for young boys to watch flash movies and then chant lines from it in their daily lunch schedule.

I hope, many of you die and am sickened by all of you.

I am now going to delete my account so never again have to come back to such a wasteland of retarded down-syndromed kids that think wads of shit like this, is funny.

To the author HAcoreRD, In summary, your flash is so horrificly bad, and your fans so awesomely stupid, I am destroying my own NewGrounds account.


yer, pretty good, maybe a little too short to be a bit of everything, and considered vince and HC got their hands dirty in it im sort of suprised i enjoyed this lol, good work i must say, but sprites are boring to me

but yer, this is what im talking about, don't base the sprite off the games they came from and make them all follow a storyline that's taken seriously because they're sprites, they're something you're supposed to laugh at like this, right?

Best flash ever made

Good job guys.

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3.92 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2004
1:21 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place November 20, 2004