Xin's Legacy

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i just made this for a homework assignment and also to make fun of my friend Xin.

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that was really freaky also that game is not sutable for all ages I mean really in gona report this becausewhat he buys from the bookstore is not appropriate for ages under mature




i think you got the chinese and japanese culture mixed up there xD but still a hilarious "game" lol...i wonder if the girl eating the mushrooms died?

lady at the well

I would like it better if the lady at the well was smelly and farted anytime...^.^

Great Game

Graphics 9/10
The graphics on this game were all flawless. The only reason it gets a 9 is because of the shortness of the movie. Which is most of the reason the scores are lowered.

Style 9/10
The style was great, the buildings and characters were very well done. I personally include plot into style, because there is nowhere else for it, the plot was too short of course, but suprisingly long if you take into consideration it was just made as a joke for a friend.

Sound 5/10
Youve already explained youre problem with the midi files, so I wont complain, but just agree with the others and say that the same was too repetitive. Well, that and there was no sound effects and voices, although it dint really need it.

Violence 10/10
Dont really have a comment here. All the violence I would personally place in the humor section. WTF? Why does everyone hate Xin? Ok, lets think about this. His mom kicks him out of his house. three people waiting for him within twent feet of his house all try to kill him, all for unexplained reasons. Maybe the next game could be a prequel, and explain why all of his nieghbors and his family hate him. :) Ok, I guess i did have a comment.

Interactivity 8/10
You moved too slow. I know I cant really complain about that because the red mushroom, but I got killed by three people and replayed it.

Humor 7/10
I marked you down for it being an inside joke. Not that there is anything wrong with an inside joke, but it doesnt make as much sense to an outside view (me). The random vioence was funny, although i dont think it was necessarily meant to be. Id be pissed personally if some old guy tried that shit. I would have killed all of those people. The humor was fine, just wasnt alot, which is also fine.

Overall 8/10

The shortness, and a lack of a real plot (both problems are inter-related) dopped it a point, as well as the sound. If it was longer and had better music, it would be a ten. This has serious potential. Out of curiosity, you mentioned somewhere that you are working on a large project, is it a sequel to this? Or something entirely different?

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3.02 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2004
1:54 AM EST
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