blood moon ep1

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Well..this indeed is my first srious flash on NG, but this series was cancelled, so this all what you got.
unless of course, if theres a high demand for the sequel


Impressive. Cant wait for the next one

Although the story premise is cliche; the execution is superb. (personally I never tire of this kind of story :) the sounds were good and the animation was cool. love the sword kudos and keep up the good work

Xionico responds:

XD thanks, but dunno if i will continue this story O_O, got entertained with dark light

A very good animation.

I really like your work. It is unlike any other work i've found on newgrounds is more ways than one. It runs smoothly, and the animation is excellent. I also love the soundtrack. The thing i like most about this series, however, is the plot. Please finish the next one soon, i really wanna watch more of these. :)

Xionico responds:

yay, its different XD, and ya, the plot is kinda cool. it will hav twists and stuff, but im afraid the second ep will be delayed =(, cuz of a movie, which name is dark light >.>

awesome soundtrack

if you could please provide the name of the final fantasy songs you used. the action was awesome, but the dialogue wasn't my favorite thing. also either my comp is slow or somethings up w/ the movie.

Xionico responds:

XD ya, believe me, the dialogues will get better, u can be sure of that XD, the songs i used all of them were from ff8
-landing on dollet city
-moving on
-a plank
i dont know if these are the full anmes of the songs, but try searching for similar names in the ff8 soundtrack XD

I liked it.

The art and animation was great, and the sound fit well. I think the beginning story could use some work, but hopefully it deepens as the story goes on. There were some grammar mistakes that could be fixed too. Other than that, this looks like a great start to a series.

Xionico responds:

XD ya, it may look kike a cliche story, but, it has some twists that i think ppl will like, i hope so lol


I love this style of animation and artistry. You really got something here, it has cool fight scenes, is long, and has a great plot. But are you ever going to finish ep 2?

Xionico responds:

XD thanks, and ya, im going to, when i finish with dark light, i tell u, i wont abandon this flash man

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3.90 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2004
4:34 PM EST
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