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The First Thanks Giving

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This is my first compleated flash movie ever.


Nice style for a first

Overall, it was a bit over the top and the spelling could definitely use work, but... hell, it's Newgrounds.

Also, watch the tweening. The blinking looked a bit awkward.

Ah, nice work Robert, especially for a first flash

The little effect you used to make the screen look all texturized during pauses was very nice dude, I'd never seen that one before. What the hell was up with the evil kitten part, and the song wtf?! Lol anyway, the music you used was good too. The only thing that could have made this movie better would have been voice acting, you would have had it in the bag then bro. Good for a flash, and awesome for a first flash.


Holy Christ... Something I don't want blammed... It was interesting how there were no voices, yet the mouths of the characters seemed to form the words properly. It'd be cool to see a version with voice.

I liked the way you depicted thanks giving.

It gave me a good laugh. The animation was very smooth. Then when they ran out of food the food that the indians gave was random that made me laugh. I thought that this flash was clever.

Pretty good stuff!

Glad you are making flash and sending it to newgrounds! I liked this movie quite a bit but if there were voices I am sure I would have liked it more. Good work anyhow!

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Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2004
1:54 AM EST
Comedy - Original