PICONJO: Besitzen Sie

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piconjo <3s j00
even teh wadolf r.i.p.



Why the heck don't you make Flashes like this more often!? Mostly I see terribly drawn stick figures (though hilarious), but this was just... amazing!!!
You should make Piconjo flashes like THIS more often then not. It would be greatly appreciated :D

it was worth the wait!

I really liked this whole series.... i especially liked how you left it open to future installments. The jokes,the big ambitious trilogy,not only finished,but finished quickly...was greatly appreciated. I just wish everyone else could see past the pen0rz and stuff to realize just howe funny you are and why you have so many fans(who are really nice people,by the way)
ok so now for the obligitory piconjer-speek:

OMFG j00 r0xxz0rz meh b0xxz0rz!11!11!1!! j00 pwn meh w/j00r 1337n3ss!1!1!1 I <3 j00!!111!11!ONE!11

I dont see why people think this &quot;utterly SUX!&quot;

I thought this movie was really good! It was animated well, had a funny storyline (I love how he picks on Legendary Frog :D) and had great music! I used to really hate Piconjo's work, but once I found out he could animate really good, then I started to like his work...

OGM i revj00d aftarr teh h00mungus! ^_^

hai h00mungus!

anwayz, j00 guyz probably read wut i sayd on teh forumz, so yesh.
if j00 haff not alreddy read it, go to teh piconjo forumz and sign up! for more convince, read lord h00mungus revj00. k?

Piconjo hater will have to take it all back.

They always say he makes crap flashes, well they are wrong. Lol kill wade hitler lol.

They was no LF he must have being suxing pen0rs lol.

I <3 piconjo he rocks.

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2004
8:29 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place November 17, 2004