PICONJO: Besitzen Sie

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piconjo <3s j00
even teh wadolf r.i.p.


ok megafan im gonna answer ur ques.

the reason hes killin evil is cuz every1 wants him to be a hero since alot of ppl think hes just an evil dumbass rip off of pico but if ur not a piconjo believer out there then piconjo forgives u cuz thats just how he is... unless u think hes the description i gave above then he FUCKING HATES U AND PICONJO O|PWNS ALL U HATAS OUT DER... i just wish picono hadnt...passed on WE <3 U PICONJO!!!

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A good Piconjo movie, finally.

Pwnus Ultimus is a pretty funny title. I also noticed that you used the Buster Sword Cloud. But then the movie started and you started bashing NG people for no apparent reason. At first I was tempted to hit the blam button right off the bat, but I thought I'd show some mercy and see where your movie went... perhaps this one would be less-shitty than some of your other entries. Piconjo's voice was badly-recorded, and not only that, but it didn't match the look of the character, he looks too buff and evil to have a voice like that. The fight scene was pretty well-done though, nice rain effects, and the ground-breaking effect of the sword was pretty sweeet too. Your take on Wade buffing up and getting into a mech was reminiscient of the new Contra games, that was pretty cool. I have to admit the ending would have been very poetic if you hadn't decided to revive your character, but I guess it was nice to see it give way to a new plot. Not bad at all, for once. See? It DOES pay off to submit "good" movies! Being mature every now and then doesn't hurt either.

I have to admit...

...very good for a piconjo fan flash.

Too bad that piconjo's other flash movies can't be of such quality.

Kudos, mate.

Awesome movie but...

I'm credited for music and my music is nowhere in this movie. Whats up with that? This is the second time thats happened to me. Great movie anyhow.

Pretty good movie.

I don't think I've seen many Piconjo movies that I've liked... I just don't understand the whole Piconjo thing though... What the heck is Piconjo? Well, nice work. LMAO @ Wade as Hitler. Nothing against Wade, just thought it was funny.

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2004
8:29 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place November 17, 2004