PICONJO: Besitzen Sie

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piconjo <3s j00
even teh wadolf r.i.p.


Try something new

It was good but all you ever do is insult other authors, i like most of the people you hate meaning i kinda hate you. but wtf you do some good flash, i dunno what im on about, mayb try something newwhere you dont just insult other authors and have a fairly decent story, this is the only picanjo i liked bcuz all the rest made no sense, although this one didnt make much sense either,
im confuseed at how i think :\

I hate you piconjo..but..

It is a well made cartoon. but I h8 j00.

Teh h8.

LF > Piconjo ~_^

Well.... Its come away from the first piconjo.

I reviewd the very first one, i gave it a 2 lol. This is a very good movie, and if you though the first one sucked, watch this one. You opinion of Piconjo will be changed forever.

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Another great piconjo movie

For all you guys who dont really get it, go to the forums and search a topic called "Piconjo" by wade fulp. This flash will be funnier if you read that topic first.

I dont think the graphics in a Piconjo movie matter, but I guess it is nice when you see piconjo's excellent talent (Also see Piconjo Jam #20) This had excellent animation, but dont try to draw and animate well, focus on ur hilarious jokes! The jokes are what makes loyal piconjo fans liek me repeatedly watch his movies (Piconjo Matricks is teh funny!)

All in all, a hilarious flash.

I luv j00 piconjo, I dun think ur being abusive to the likes of the frog and Knox.


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i surrender

all the naiborhood kids synj_freak, me, la_bela_sera all couldnt stop u... (fuckin n00b) ill agree wade sucks thats right U SUCK WADE! but seiriously man get some good ideas in fact copy my manga i dont care just these movies really suck
nice flash though
i am.... your solder

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2004
8:29 PM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place November 17, 2004