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UPDATED!!! v2.6

Also homepage version at:

Okay before you say how the hell do I use this the first couple of things that are fun to play around with are !? button and the ++angle button. Hit render after you put in the desired values. Making iterations too high (approx above 500 with some numbers or depending on how your computer performs) may slow down your computer or lock it up.

I couldn't help myself posting this sooner than I thought it should be. Later releases will include:

*variable loader - most important thing that will be added to DupaMix. Designs can be shared and loaded simple by copying and pasting the stats in the text window.
*multiple instances of iterations(multiple shapes)
*++curve, which will create much cooler spiraling effects
*attach lines and fills depending on inputted numbers
*sound...you'll see =)
*different backgrounds...this will probably be added quickly.
*tons of shapes and catagories to choose from
*shape editor! =)
*there's more stuff just can't think of it now.


Here's what everything does starting from 'x offset' going down:

x offset: the x offset of the initial movie clip.
y offset: the y offset of the initial movie clip.

x space: the amount of x space in pixles between each duplicated movie clip.
y space: the amount of y space in pixles between each duplicated movie clip.

x scale: x scale of all the movie clips.
y scale: y scale of all the movie clips.

x ++scale: the amount of x scale increased through each iteration.
y ++scale: the amount of y scale increased through each iteration.
The above does not always necessarily have to be increased after each iteration. It can also be decreased. Try experimenting with negative numbers!

angle: angle of the movie clips.

++angle: increase in angle with each iteration.

alpha: transparancy of all the movieclips.
--alpha: increase in transparancy with each iteration.

red: amound of red.
green: amount of green.
blue: amount of blue.
The above are primary colors and it will give you the possibility of creating just about any color. I have not figured out yet how to do a ++color for instance though, which would be cool.

iterations: the amount of duplicated clips. Watch out on how many times you duplicate because it can really slow down your computer or crash your browser.

Other stuff:

Just if you're not aware already the 'RENDER' button renders whatever values you put in...duh.

The !? next to the render button puts in random values for everything except for alpha, --alpha and iterations. Reason this being is because it can cause pointless or invisible results or some that may cause slow down or crashing.

The 'Clock' icon next to the '!?' button makes strawberry clock jump out and do a little dance. Naw, of course not. Even better, it automatically makes the values random just like the '!?' button and renders it for you. After a moment, it does this again. I have not implemented yet how much it waits for yet.

The X symbol with the value that should start off as 1 is just how much the up and down arrows increase and decrease...sort of pointless eh? Naw, it can be handy! Especially when trying to get the x and y offset just right.

The "?" symbols give random values accordingly.

The shaded BALLS above the RENDER button give a transparancy to the controls. The unfilled circle totally makes the controls invisible, and the x gets rid of the transparacy controls. Pressing T on your keyboard makes the transparancy controls come back.

The pictures down at the bottom are the shape chosen of course simple by clicking on it.


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a mess off mixed shit and awesome lag Hint: GET BETTER!

C360 responds:

Cool, thanks for making no sense - at all!


this is awesome dude!


this is tight dude. great for making random trippy backgrounds. me likey! a truly original idea. you can even customize. awesome concept!

C360 responds:

Aw man, you just missed the updated version. Hopefully if you check your review responses you can go back to see it! =)

it was ok

more of a tutorial some what

alright i guess

it was not half bad i liked chaging everything around and doing stupid stuff in it it was fun but what does it all mean...what was i supposed to do in this game...i was so lost,but it was fun to mess around with..

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3.36 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2004
6:09 PM EST
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