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This was from watching "Invader Zim" and "Ren and Stimpy" and playing "Halo 2" too much. Hope you like it... if not... meh, who cares?

Music from

Jaws, Indiana Jones, Friday the 13th, Kill Bill Vol. 2, and Saveing private Ryane.



I really liked the ren and stimpy references. They were dead on. The animation for them and even the voice acting were just like the show. Great job. Make more!

SeanSullivan responds:

I can never be as good as Billy West though... sigh...

that was great!

wow! you can definetly see whats from ren&stimpy and whats from invader zim.
It made me laugh so thats all that matters!

what the hell!?

Weard, but what the hell! animation could have been smoother but very good for a first go! Keep it up!!

it wasn't that great. . .

it was kind of gay. i don't guess it was that bad, it just wasn't that amazing. was it your first Flash? it was fairly good for a first flash.

SeanSullivan responds:

No... you should look at my early work... now thats crap.

very good

I'd love to see more of this stuff. the fake twist ending was awesome, and you got a real knack for expressions. The intersecting lines bugged me though.

SeanSullivan responds:

The ending wasn't really a twist... have you watched "Ren and Stimpy"? The endings are somewhat the same...

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3.33 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2004
1:56 PM EST
Comedy - Original