Invasion 2

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Notify me of any bugs you find. Please take some time to review this, and tell me what you liked and disliked about Version 2. Also, tell me what you'd want to see in future versions.

All the errors I could think of were squished, plus a few features were added. It's also a lot more fun and challenging now. Archers aren't quite as reliable as they used to be...

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Way too easy

This game was just way to easy. You could either spam the enemy with a mix of infantry and archers, or even only one of the two, and once you had enough money you could upgrade them to a degree where one archer can take out the castle if missed often enough. Towards the end I won regularly with only five archers. I gave up on upgrading them because I had too much money and the enemy didn't stand a chance this way or that.
And how on earth do you get the other five units?
With a bit of work though it could turn into a decent game, so I give you 5 stars.


Didn't quite get the point of this... All I had to do was buy 35 swordsmen and send them out all at once, and they'd finish off the castle. I did about 10 upgrades of the barracks each level once I was making enough, I don't know if they have a carry-over effect to the next level or if it was only relevant for that specific level or whether it even made any sort of difference, but it doesn't say anywhere... Also, there are shown at the bottom of the screen catapults and cavalry and stuff, but I never got the opportunity to buy them...

Maybe I'm missing something, but up to level 20 or so, there was absolutely no strategy or tactics to it, and there was no change to keep me trying for anymore levels... Some people seem to think it is a great game, so maybe I am missing something...

pretty good

overall it's a pretty good game, one thing that kind of peaved me off is that with about lvl 6 ram upgrades, i send 10 of em and they barely phased the castle, it was only like lvl 12

not that great.

the game was to easy.

Great game

Great game but what is your site

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4.07 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2004
6:55 PM EST
Strategy - Other