Canadian Jack ep.1 (NEW)

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Hey NG!
You might have seen our original Canadian Jack...and some of you thought it was pretty bad. It did however get a decent score in the 3.00's. We took in consideration all of your reviews (even the negative ones), and used them to fix up the movie! We took out the major pauses between dialogues, and added some new scenes and sounds for your enjoyment! Don't complain, because we did this for you! I hope you like it!

P.S. If you have ANY suggestions on how to make it better, PLEASE submit it in a review, we could use the tips! Thanks!


Long and boring

the drawing sucked, the sound sucked, go try thou, but you aren't going to do well in Mapleshorts with this movie. nice try.


Awkward is the word for this flash. The timing isn't there. Pointless pauses. What was intended to be cute or funny, just isn't. This is so slow that I suspect it was intended for pre-schoolers. Jack has weird flesh-colored hair...enough - awkward.

not bad

im a canadian, so i thought it was alright. a bit too short, but i did like this one.

Sry man

Hey sry but that was some boring shit. Canada rules neway I'm Albertan and gonna move 2 toronto when i turn 18 (so damn close can't wait to get out of Edmonton). My Advice is make it actually funny


Damn, I was watching this and then got bored and started typing on AIM for like 10 minutes and came back and there were these elephants and I was like WTF this thing is still going? Well good job with the length I guess...

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3.15 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2004
3:02 PM EST
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