Taking over me

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First of all: Daily feature, wow thanks.
Thanks for all the reviews! I will try to answer most of them but I think all will be to many. I'm glad *most* people liked it. I will return with better quality!
Some things to set straight:
- The message to this story is ´mistakes later come back to haunt you´
- People who think that´s a cigarette he is holding are either stupid or too young to understand the movie (rated +17!)
- The music has not much to do with the quality of this movie, if you don´t like it, keep it for yourself, I´m not interested in your taste of music.
- Shooting the cop had nothing to do with the drugs, these are sequences of his life (note that he´s wearing different clothes)

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epic. watch and you'll see a good vid.

You may think this is weird but..

It is like you were destined to be on newgrounds. a lot of your movies i think help people realize the pain in suffering of others or the pain and suffering of themselves. Also your angel movie portrays hope.

amazing ( helped me strangely )

i have to write these books and i am kinnda stuggling ,
but i have been reading alot of stuff and watchinga lot of stuff and my friends say newgrounds had interexting movie show things and i saw this one , in the begining i think we all go with the main chacter , as if he is a good guy we can trust , but tis one a good person who was unlucky confusedand mislead and would be labled as a bad person and it was an cool way to show his story ...
i don't know if you were going for that but it helped me and i just thought i should say so ..
so thanx

Very Nice

Very nice film i reallyy liked it. Ending caught me off guard tho well done

...wow...talk about til death do us part...

...sad story with a moody sad song to go with it...personally, i love evanescence...n i jus gotta say that this is a gd movie...its true that mistakes will always come back 2 u...n that was a really bad one...killing a cop only to marry his sister n getting killed by her...what a twist...

...haiz...sometimes i can't review flashes very well...oh well...it happens...life goes on...

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4.11 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2004
2:02 PM EST
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