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Chrono Trigger Unglued 04

rated 4.34 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Nov 14, 2004 | 1:41 AM EST

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Author Comments

Update (11/18):
Ok, CTU fans. Bad news. As I mentioned earlier, I reformatted my computer a few days ago, and in the process saved everything to an external hard drive. In the true nature of Murphey's Law, my external crashed, and I lost all of my data. ALL of it. Animations, sprites, music, scripts; everything. Disheartneing? Yes. Does this mean the end of CTU? Hardly. What it means is that I will be taking a short hiatus (a week at most) in which I will attempt to recover and salvage any data from my external. Then, if I can't do it, I will start anew with CTU 5. So, just hold on for a bit. I'm not going anywhere. Peace.
- Cryo

Despite reformatting my computer twice, Chrono Trigger Episode 4 is up and running. Now, you don't need to click on the damned little green button. The space bar will go through conversations as well.
In episode 4, Crono wakes up in a new place and finds a whole new reason to hate the world.
Oh, and be on the look-out for mugs ^_^



Rated 0 / 5 stars


Ok, I sick and tired of these type of movies. No sound effects, horrable diologe, zero originality, the batraying of characters... need I go on?

First thing first, get a mic, get some friends, get a decent peice of cloth (to hold in front of the mic as to help with recording quality, it's a real tip so as not to make this whole rant a complete waste) and do some voice work. While on the topic there are dosens of free sound effect all over the next and even some, unbeleivable as it sounds, from the game you got those sprites from.

Ok, next diologe, get some! Not every action or story must be explained by the characters. I highly suggest wtaching some Tarantino movies, they have EXELENT diologe. Also, stay true to the characters, Chrono (japanese spelling, bite me) was quite and lazy, but he had a good heart, voilence was not his thing but he was always willing to test himself. Anywho please try to reflect the traits of the original characters in your adaptions of them.

Originality, tough one, so far I've yet to see an original sprite movie that wasn't a complete parady or a hack n' slash. To be honest, I don't know if an original consept can be created from a console RPG. Games with little story are easy, but one with a rich and deep story can't be done, all anyone ever thinks about is the original plot. The only way I can see doing it is by doing something that could have taken place in the original story but wasn't covered in the game, kinda like most fanfics.

In closing, I'm dispointed in most sprite movies coming out of the portal (especially FFVI) because they all keep making the same, yet easily corrected, mistakes.

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Cryokenetic responds:

Wow. Okay, while you catch a breather, maybe I can address a few of your issues.

I've covered my issue with voice acting in a previous response. As much as it might anger you, I don't think me (or any of my friends-Sorry guys :P) can do justice to the characters. Plus, the sprites + background + music can often raise the file size like noones business. Voices for such a text-heavy story, especially if people want them longer, would be atrocious.

As for dialouge, if you expecting Pulp Fiction-style talking with cinematic quality, I have some dissappointing news for you; this is a flash parody. The fact that some characters don't stay true to their character is because it's a parody. They are supposed to be different.

And originality, I agree that it is a complete parody, but it was also why I made this in the first place. It's supposed to be a parody, and it's supposed to follow the otiginal plot. I understand that you don't find it original, and that's cool, but I'm not going to change the purpose and direction of the series because of it.

In closing, I do see your points about some things, like sound effects, but most of the 'mistakes' are what I intended to do, so don't expect many changes. But I will strike a deal with you. I'll make some of your changes, if you promise to go out and buy a dictionary. ^_^


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I think its rather decent, but still short. Improve the length and the series wont stretch out as much. Quality rather then quantity. As for voice acting... I'd offer my voice, lol

Cryokenetic responds:

Another call for voice acting, huh? If enough people are interested, and enough people can offer their voice, then I may consider it.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nicely Done

I've been a big fan of the series thus far. I enjoy the humour, but my two main problems are: 1. They're way too short. 2. You need some voice acting......... with both of those admittedly minor problems fixed, this series would be perfect.

Cryokenetic responds:

Always willing to adress the issues of a fan. ^_^

1. The reason I've decided to keep them short is that I have recieved complaints that when they are too long it's starts to get old. And this way, I can make more, quicker.

2. If I had any decent voice acting, I would. (The exclamations Crono blurted out while being beat by Gato was me, if that's any indication). The other reason is that, using characters as loved as this, it might be best to leave the voices to their own imagination.

Thanks for watching!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Very nicely done. What more can I say? Maybe a confirmation that you've gotten the mugs would be nice, as I clicked on them 90 times each to make sure I'd gotten them, but other than that, it's all cake. Make more, make them longer too! :P

Cryokenetic responds:

If you want more, I will make more!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

((( AWSOME )))

That was awsome work, very detailed, and the animation was nice and smooth, the story was interesting and kept me well entertained...


Cryokenetic responds:

Glad you liked it X. If you liked it, be sure to watch the other 3 episodes.