Chrono Trigger Unglued 04

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Update (11/18):
Ok, CTU fans. Bad news. As I mentioned earlier, I reformatted my computer a few days ago, and in the process saved everything to an external hard drive. In the true nature of Murphey's Law, my external crashed, and I lost all of my data. ALL of it. Animations, sprites, music, scripts; everything. Disheartneing? Yes. Does this mean the end of CTU? Hardly. What it means is that I will be taking a short hiatus (a week at most) in which I will attempt to recover and salvage any data from my external. Then, if I can't do it, I will start anew with CTU 5. So, just hold on for a bit. I'm not going anywhere. Peace.
- Cryo

Despite reformatting my computer twice, Chrono Trigger Episode 4 is up and running. Now, you don't need to click on the damned little green button. The space bar will go through conversations as well.
In episode 4, Crono wakes up in a new place and finds a whole new reason to hate the world.
Oh, and be on the look-out for mugs ^_^


Funny man

Played the games all the time and these are great. Not nothing to look at, but man the story and jokes are good. One question . . . you gonna go through the whole game? Cause that would rule!

Cryokenetic responds:

I plan to go as far through the game as I can. I have no shortage of ideas, so you can expect more.

i liked it give me more XD

I thought you did a great job, make more man, you really have an eye for this stuff

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Cryokenetic responds:

I'm glad you liked it, dude!

Still needs work

It's decent, but it still could do with a lot of improvement. Here's where I think it could improve:

- Length. The problem with these is they're pretty short for what they are. Personally I reckon these four could have been compressed down to 3 at most (the first was probably the shortest). CT isn't a short game, so be careful about having too many episodes. That said, Secret of Mana Theater or whatever has over 100 or something. That said, the bonus scene was a nice touch.

- Sound. Music loops aren't so hot, plus it's too quiet in places. Also, as I said in my last review, sound effects would really help out. Do some Google-searching for either CT or even FF sound effects packs. They'll improve it a lot, especially in the fight-scenes.

- File size. Not entirely sure how it's 4 megs, but I'd guess at it being the music. Try and compress it a bit (there's a tutorial on NG telling you how to do that). If it's not the music then I'm not sure what to tell you.

Other than that, it was fairly humourous and built up quite well, but I hope you take my suggestions into consideration for the next episode.

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Cryokenetic responds:

Thanks for all the tips! I'll be sure to implament as many as I can in the next Episode!

Wasnt that impressed

I wasnt really impressed with it, why dont you have music that does not repeat itself after a while I will give ths a 2 and will watch others by you just to see if they get any better.

Cryokenetic responds:

Because when you don't have sound loops, file size goes up up UP!

Its Good.

I Don't Care... All 4 Movies Were Great! Keep It Going With The Movies Man, Crono Triggers Was A Badass Game, But You Doing The Movies Like The Game, And Making It Funny Like You Have Been. I Will Watch Every One You Make. Good Job Man. I Gave All 4 Movies A 5!

Cryokenetic responds:

Thank You Very Much! You Rule, Man!

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4.34 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2004
1:41 AM EST
Comedy - Parody