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Update: There is now a youtube version! Click the link below to watch it...


If you have no idea who Shin2k27 and Moogleslayer are, then read these topics to get some of the jokes. Watch out, Moogleslayer's dad is a policeman!


Moogleslayer wants to know who you think is better?


Update: It looks like our good friend Shin2k27 has won the "drama queen" award over at the NG BBS! Congrats Shinny boy, you finally got the award you deserve! Oh and thanks for the Daily 2nd, you guys are too kind.

April 6th, 2006 Update: I want to thank Tom for putting most of my Chrono Trigger movies in the CT collection!

History of the Vinstigator vs. Shin2k27 feud: This was one of the biggest rivalries on Newgrounds! It spawned many topics and flash movies. It all started when Shin2k27 challenged me to a flash duel because he felt I was getting too "arrogant" so he tried to "take me out" so to speak. Well it didn't turn out too well for him and he lost... big time. So you can imagine how pissed he got.

What made matters worse was the fact that he thought that I had sent some fans to virus him and crash his computer! But I never told anybody to do that. Hell I didn't even know about it until he announced it! As for Moogleslayer... he became Shin's right hand man after he started hating me for some stupid ass reason. His grammar is/was HORRIBLE! Look at this topic to see what I'm talking about...


That's why I say "based on a true story". And Shin used to always do that annoying "sigh" shit and would always say that I'm "avoiding facts". Check out these topics that I have compiled. It will help you understand our rivalry more. And you'll also get more of the jokes in my "Vince Trigger" series. It is definitely an entertaining feud...

Here is a topic where me and an enemy put aside our differences, but then Shin made an appearance...


"Vinstigator Should be Banned" a topic about why I should be banned from Newgrounds. A classic in its own right...


A topic where Moogleslayer asked about help on how to draw. After I insult him, his knight in shining armor (Shin) comes to his aid...


"Vinstigator is God" a joke topic made by my friend. The reason he made this is because I joked that there wasn't enough positive topics about me. So he made that thread. However, Shin made an appearance and the rest is history...


"Shin2k27 vs. Vince Trigger" this was a topic Shin made about our flash duel. He was upset that I was beating him score wise so he wanted to get the opinions of the Newgrounds users...


This next topic was the Downfall of Shin2k27. He was voted "Drama Queen 2004" by the Newgrounds users. Well he didn't take too lightly to that and basically proved why he was picked as drama queen lol


"A Shin2k27 Tale" this topic was made after Shin was voted "Drama Queen 2004". And basically proved that Shin was now the laughing stock of Newgrounds...

EDIT: Apparently this topic no longer exists. Too bad, it was pretty fuckin' hilarious...


And that was the end of our feud. In the end, Vinstigator stood victorious. I haven't heard from Shin since 2005 but I'm sure he has just as much hate for me now than he did back then. Gotta thank him for this legendary feud. Without it, the Vince Trigger trilogy wouldn't exist.


Pretty spot-on

The fag jokes got old quickly, but I've been on enough forums with people like Shin on it to know where this was coming from. The entire scene with the "avoiding facts", "n00bish response" and all the bad spelling was funny enough to make up for the weaker parts of the movie. Plus, Pulp Fiction refrences are the worth points alone.

Vinstigator responds:

Thanks man. But where were the pulp fiction references? Anyway, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the review.

Stop wasting time on this....

Seriously now. This is what seperates you from the greats. That artist you linked to last time, in your defence, he is truely a horrible person. HOWEVER. We do not justify our own actions by the actions of others, that's what children do. That artist insulted LF, John and Richie and the Super Flash Brothers, along with others. But not one of them wasted their time to attack him back. Why? There is an old proverb...

"Never argue with idiots. They drag you down to their level and then beat you will experience."

Stop wasting you time seeking revenge. Revenge, no matter how well it is animated voice acted or thought out, is never good. It merely proves that you are willing to slink to his level.

You've got too much skill to waste it on pety revenge. Better to remain silent and just let him grow tired of attacking you, after all if you are no longer responding to his attacks then he won't be getting the attention he so desperatly craves. Anyway I really hope the next flash I see from you is actually a work of art and not a work of vengence.

Vinstigator responds:

I see where you're coming from, Lumino. I would've ignored him but he made a diss movie about my friend a little over a year ago and he made another one recently. I just did this to shut him up. I wanted to show him that I could make a diss and get a shitload of positive feedback, and I also wanted him to make him look like a fool. You could say I'm giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Well I know revenge is bad but to me, it feels oh so good! Plus lets not forget my name is "Vinstigator" which originated from the term "instigator", which means "trouble maker". Anyway, I got my award so I'm done...for now.

great movie!

only thing i didnt really understand was how all the other characters had voices but Lucca was simply captioned

there should be a sequel to this!


Vinstigator responds:

A sequel is in the works as we speak :D

Good animation, but that's it.

Well, you get two stars for the animation, cause that was decent. But I'm annoyed that I wasted any portion of my life watching this, as it's little more than a prepubescent attempt to piss on a couple of people you don't like. I guess if I knew Shin and Moogle, maybe I'd hate them too, maybe not. But as it stands, making a mock-up of someone and pummeling it does not count as "ownage," all it counts as is proof that you need to grow up.

Vinstigator responds:

Sign-Up Date:

You don't know shit so fuck off. This won Daily 2nd AND made the Chrono Trigger collections page so obviously this was a smash hit.

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3.97 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2004
8:06 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 2nd Place November 14, 2004