Move or Die!

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Thank you to everyone who made comments about this movie. I've added new scenes and more interactivity to get to a winning outcome.
This is still a short movie version of our full blown negotiation game. Our negotiation game consists of 5 flash movies held together by a flash brain. Because it would be impossible to control five movies here we've removed the negotiation element and are just showing the movie with a little interactivity. You can suggest to Syd and Wilma what to do. Unfortunately, they may argue against it and do something stupid.

WARNING: This movie is graphic intensive. If you have a slow computer please right click on the movie and reduce the quality. Otherwise it may chug slowly and it won't be much fun.


What a peice of crap

Booooo!! I hate this. All it is is fight fight fight. God i really got bored. By the end i was so bord. Then i thot u could at least choose another ending but nooo u have to watch the whole thing again. IT SUCKED. But hey i wanna give a three for style.

Not Interactive

(full review at website fourm)

So in conclusion, the graphics and sound was nice. The cutscenes were a bit lenthy and needed a skip button but it did make it more real. But the "game" needed more choices and the characters were unemaginitive. I really like "make your own pathways" in books and things like this. I enjoyed the other games you've made but it's gotten worse please go back in the right derection again, INTERACTIVENESS and lots of it.

Jeeeeezuz Christ

I remeber the day's when newgrounds had good stuff on there site! but now they put this pussy and crappy shit on it :( whats going on dudes!

Needs more options

As you said yourself: "The story doesn't need to end this tradgically" - yet you don't give us enough options. There are no options to stop the car and give him the body afterwards, and so you get hit by the Karma truck which has magically looped around the entire road in less than 10 minutes?

Here's two words i suggest you look into: CONTINUITY and PLAUSABILITY.


Too Boring

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3.50 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2004
6:41 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place November 13, 2004