3D Join the Dots

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3-Dimensional Join the dots. This my first attempt at making a 3D engine in flash, and I hope to use it to make more exciting things later.

Controls: Use the mouse to click the current dot (which is highlighted in blue). The rotate left/right buttons rotate the model and the previous/next buttons switch models.

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This 3D flash is very nice!


I didnt play this game but play endless war three if you want to see more 3D goodness. but i gave it a 5 cuz its frickin connect the dots and its 3D and i know wut the game ill obviusly be like. UNLESS someone lied about it being ctd.endless war 3 is a shooter in flash I THINK overhead shooter it has all the lvls and weps from 1&2 also.


I love you. You are my hero. This peice of work is truly and totally amazing. I wish I knew the actionscript to do such a holy thing. It's awesome. You are an amazing flash engineer.

this is a pioneer piece of art!

Sure it may look like a piece of @#!$ on first sight. Sure it may be a little boring. And sure it might be kinda crappy. But what I can't say enough about this is how the style is completely original. Sure 3d is used on rare occasions in flash. But it's only on movies and i've NEVER seen a game where you can actually contorl the 3d movement. I'm guessing it is almost impossible to do on flash as every 3d shooter is on rails. but you my friend have done the impossible (almost, but close:^) and you have madea 3d engine for flash probably the first person to do so other then maybe the flash developers. No sound, that's ok. no violence it's connect the dots for cryin out loud. No humour, who cares about humour for this??.... But good 3d graphics, no filling, but it's connect the dots, 3 colors but pioneer ventures into not onrails or 3d flash movie graphics.interactivity is great, due to it's being a not new idea but ACTUALLY being done by someone. So I credit you for all this hard work and I'm adding you to my book of creditable people. LOL i don't havea book but you are creditable. GOOD JOB and keep doing 3d. next time make a 3d shooter you can control where you move around in.. That would give you double credit. Keep it up!.


how did u do that in fladsh???????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!?

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3.74 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2004
8:13 PM EST
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