Taipan 3000 SE

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Taipan 3000 has long been a popular game on PsychoGoldfish.com, but I was never really satisfied with the artwork, sound, and gameplay.

This is the long awaited revival of that classic, with all new graphics, story elements, all new combat engine and more!


Sorry about the debt due date glitch, it seems to be fixed now, but it may take a while before you see the changes since this movie has had so many views and needs to be manually verified by NG staff.

I notice a lot of people freaking out over the debt.

Dar Ghul is a loan shark. He only charges 3% per day unless you are late on a payment, then he jacks it way up and starts sending bounty hunters after you.

Tip #2: if you start with the 5 guns, you can sell them right off the bat for quick cash. As long as you use the smallest ship, you are too small of a target for pirates to care about.

and finally, I'll leak out ONE cheat code:
set your comapny name to 'pimp my ride' and you'll start with the best ship and a ton of guns that you can either sell or fight with.



it was a good game, good graphics, everything like that. but i didnt get to fight not once. i was trying to fight but it wouldn't let me. so wats the dealio?


I spent all my time getting enough money to buy the biggest and best ship but when i got attacked it ended game whats up with that?

one of the best on newgrounds

this game was so much fun i couldn't believe it. at one point in the game i had the crappiest ship and i saved, then i just started messing around by taking a gigantic loan and buying the biggest ship there is, then making huge trionium runs. i was really surprised when i was actually able to pay the loan off! after that, since i had been playing for a long time i exploited a loophole by putting -99 trionium in my hold and then selling it all. i bought millions of gun drones and destroyed mieng khan in battle.

good game

Really good game, i didn't get to see the whole story because i just beefed up and accidently killed the last guy when he attacked me. I didn't expect that to happen but what else could the game do if that character was dead lol. took to damn long for that last battle lol. sweet.

missed one

hey this might be a glitch or a cheat one or the other but when you go to cerribus and you can get free trionium for free through the entire game

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3.96 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2004
4:02 PM EST
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature November 11, 2004