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Taipan 3000 SE

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Author Comments

Taipan 3000 has long been a popular game on PsychoGoldfish.com, but I was never really satisfied with the artwork, sound, and gameplay.

This is the long awaited revival of that classic, with all new graphics, story elements, all new combat engine and more!


Sorry about the debt due date glitch, it seems to be fixed now, but it may take a while before you see the changes since this movie has had so many views and needs to be manually verified by NG staff.

I notice a lot of people freaking out over the debt.

Dar Ghul is a loan shark. He only charges 3% per day unless you are late on a payment, then he jacks it way up and starts sending bounty hunters after you.

Tip #2: if you start with the 5 guns, you can sell them right off the bat for quick cash. As long as you use the smallest ship, you are too small of a target for pirates to care about.

and finally, I'll leak out ONE cheat code:
set your comapny name to 'pimp my ride' and you'll start with the best ship and a ton of guns that you can either sell or fight with.


to the author

i gave this game a ten it was fucking great to me i had lots of fun. and for all u players out there its best to sell 3 gun drones first so u dont have to be in debt. second..... i dont know trade and hope for the best. for me i had to quite playing for a day but i saved and when i played again i go to herros and i can buy trinium for free so i fill up and sell it all in new tierra and then trade for the biggest ship. head back to herros and it was free again so i fill up and i take 2 trips make made money no debt. i buy 20 quad-cannon ships and 10 tri-cannon ships and pick a fight with the big green dude and i won so much fun. well im hoping for another game and also i like the updates version really cool but the length between worlds do something with that like add a day counter or something or ur stuck listening to a loob of bass and god knows what for like 30 minutes and u dont know why it takes so long. other then that i give this game a 10 out of 10

That was awful

Starting out i borrowed 15.000 from the loan twit, went out trading. Decided not to return the money to see what happened, but for some reason, nothing happened. Then i burned all my money on a new ship, waited another month and got into huge debt; Returned to loan twit, and for some obscene reason, he says i can borrow MORE money from him... at this point i'm in 12 digits of debt, but figure what the hell, and borrow another digit from him.
Then i buy the best ship and load it with quad canons, fly around for another ½ month, after which the big boss shows up. And this is the FIRST fight i got into, for the first 2 months i didnt meet a single hostile ship. The guy in the opening says you can go hunt for a smaller pirate, but how the hell am i gonna do that when theres NO stinking pirates.
Anyway, boss fight takes forever, because you have to rewatch the stupid shooting animation over and over and over again... finally, without shooting down a single drone, his ship blows up and i get the ending credits, then a message telling me the 30 minute trial is up, and i should go play the real thing.

Granted, the loan twit bug probably screwed a lot of it up, but even that taken into account, theres no excuse for this load of garbage.
The star map is confusing, since all you get is a list, whereas the first one actually gives you an idea of WHERE you're going, as opposed to a name i have zero relation to.
The fighting is pointlessly longdrawn and uninspiring... moving around doesnt seem to have any effect at all, it just forces you to click again for no reason at all, and watching the same animation with every attack takes forever. The actual system is fine, though movement doesnt seem to do anything, but i guess you could think of something like accuracy bonusses or stuff. Maybe have asteroids on some of the fields that you cant shoot past, to provide cover for a wounded ship.
The characters and intro part was a nice addition from the first game though, dialogue was nice and simple, nothing painful or out of character, and the graphic portions made a nice touch as well.
For the smallest ship not to draw attention from pirates is ridiculous, especially considering the intro guy sugesting to go "pirate hunting". Working your way up to trionium without ever fearing to get attacked really isnt funny... you can give it a much higher escape chance, but avoiding combat completely seems over the top.
Overall the game appears to be in beta state and much too slow paced. Removing some of the excess animations and either changing the dialogue or the small ship attack rule would really help improve the game imo.

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I really had no idea what i was doing. It would probably be a fun game if it had a tutorial or something, cause all I could figure out how to do is move between planets.


loved it, but it was too long to play again and i thought the battles took longer than in the first one. i fount some t- whatever FOR FREE. made a killing.


where the pirates

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Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2004
4:02 PM EST
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature November 11, 2004