M+L:Plague of the Stars#2

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Mario+ Luigi: Plague of the Stars Part 2 *Contains Spoilers*
This is the long awaited sequel. The first was released just over two months ago, with Games Collide #1 being produced in between Part 1 and 2.

This part shows Cackletta unleashing her plans of taking over the mushroom kingdom, after possessing Smithy (Master of the Machine world). This new body, combined with the star rod, will make Smithletta unstoppable once the Star rod is at it’s full power. Nobody can stand in her way… accept for a little star… named Geno.

I’ve taken on board this time what I got from the feedback of episode 1, and I’ve made the speech bubbles clickable, so you can take however long YOU need to read the text. I’ll take any other suggestions on board for Part 3, which will be along shortly.


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It's been many years since I saw the Plague of the Stars sprite series, and now I see it again. But what do I find? Tragically, no part 3. This series isn't cancelled, is it?

oh how i wish nintendo made this a game

you my friend, have brought me tears of nostalgia to my face.
as the tittle says, if only nintendo did this a game sigh....
anyhow i love how you linked supermario RPG, mario + lugi and paper mario storie line in a congruent way, the way you used the best tune for every part, the original storyline, i must say RESPECT


you don't know how much i missed the game that was a work of art you flash may only be half of it's capibility's but it is great none the less and geno's name and theme song made me cry because what you are making is an incredeble peice of work and i hope you continue this series SUPER MARIO RPG:LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS. may it always live in our hearts...

another work of art

Another great movie. Of cource the first was a little better. Very good movie. 9! 9! 9!

no it can not be!!!

what a second!! i remember this movie, since 2 year ago, yeah i know your movie, and i started watch all your movie, buti have played SMRPG, i have that games, and it was so hard, and i have M and L Super Star Saga, i remember this movie back in 2004! but i really like it, that is a fan fiction, i have be waited for 2 year, since you never release part.2.., the backgrounds are not good and they are old, you need to learn to make clean backgrounds sprite, learn power star 2, just go to power star 2, to see, it all about, then you tween them, i have seen this movie, and i like it.
but one possbile, you NEEEDED the vocie actor!!
when will you release part.2, will good make it, i know your movie back in 2004, jsut keep up the good work! ^_^
i been seeing you in part.2

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Nov 10, 2004
2:56 AM EST
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