Crack Shot

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UPDATE Nov. 9 (Halo 2 Day!): Holy hell! thanks for the front page guys! With that, I think I'm finally motivated enough to finish up several of my current projects (some of which are award potential)
UPDATE:I fixed the glitch where you couldn't kill the finale enemy :) Along with that, I also added in a cheat code, can you figure it out? (It's actually what I used to debug each enemy :P)
Here's a fun minigame I threw together today!
The gameplay is actually dated back to the original kirby game for the SNES, where a bonus game (I think it's called "Quickshot") was unlockable to play that matches this. This game has more levels though, the original minigame has 5 levels.
I hope you guys like this fun remake! Can you make it to the 10th and final level?


Can't beat

I couldn't beat it, I treid shooting, tried not shooting, I just couln't beat the fianle. What am I missing.

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TheComet responds:

The game is beatable, but after level 5, it truely tests a person's reflexes (and/or how durable your space bar is....mine's broken on one side lol)
You're missing the thing the guys does to the enemy in the finale after beating it (NOTHING SEXUAL, NO SICK IDEAS PEOPLE!)

Keep trying, the last 3 enemies have the same delay time before firing, if you get in the groove you can beat it left and right :)

what's so hard about this game?

I got to Jezus and beat him in 1 try....why is everybody saying this game is so hard? Well, anyway, good game! Make more!

TheComet responds:

People who have weak reflexes tend to say it's hard. Whoever beats this game is usually a gamer since after playing games for a bit your reflexes improve.
V2 will be made eventually!

very nice

i liked this it was fun unfortunatly i couldnt get past the 4th level cause i suck but gj

TheComet responds:

In level 4 you get about .1 seconds to press the button, which is reall a long time for this game O.o
try this, put your fingertips (except your thumb) on the spacebar and try to get a feel for the rythym of the beep on the countdown.

I found the Cheat!

But I ain't tellin. Great game man. Very fun. Although I couldn't beat the last boss without cheating. Whatever. Anyway, great job!

Nice very nice

I like games like this essone it teaches reflex and quickness. I go to LvL 8. I would have bet LvL8 but my cat walked infront of my Monitor. DAMN YOUS KITTI DAMN YOUS TO HELL

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3.07 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2004
5:00 PM EST
Skill - Other