Crack Shot

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UPDATE Nov. 9 (Halo 2 Day!): Holy hell! thanks for the front page guys! With that, I think I'm finally motivated enough to finish up several of my current projects (some of which are award potential)
UPDATE:I fixed the glitch where you couldn't kill the finale enemy :) Along with that, I also added in a cheat code, can you figure it out? (It's actually what I used to debug each enemy :P)
Here's a fun minigame I threw together today!
The gameplay is actually dated back to the original kirby game for the SNES, where a bonus game (I think it's called "Quickshot") was unlockable to play that matches this. This game has more levels though, the original minigame has 5 levels.
I hope you guys like this fun remake! Can you make it to the 10th and final level?


Very addictive!

I thought this was awesome!

Kept me amused for a while and when I lost i wanted to keep doing it over and over again. Great idea

its new. i like it

i think this is pretty good. its very addictive, hard to stop playing.
nice work!!!


Fair game, reminds of the shootout on Kirby somewhat. Anyway, you can definately do better.

why is this on frontpage ??

i can't believe that this is on frontpage.
this is 100% turd of the week


Hey ill give this a 5 on overall rating because of the music.. the rest of the game wasn`t that fun u know,, you should add like lives.. 3 lives or something and then game over .. i think it`s a bug at level 10 .. i shot the guy .. but it was game over .. Gay. .. anyway it was an OK game .. could use some improvement though.. Can`t really understand how THIS got to the frontpage .. :P ..

Peace out

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3.07 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2004
5:00 PM EST
Skill - Other