Crack Shot

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UPDATE Nov. 9 (Halo 2 Day!): Holy hell! thanks for the front page guys! With that, I think I'm finally motivated enough to finish up several of my current projects (some of which are award potential)
UPDATE:I fixed the glitch where you couldn't kill the finale enemy :) Along with that, I also added in a cheat code, can you figure it out? (It's actually what I used to debug each enemy :P)
Here's a fun minigame I threw together today!
The gameplay is actually dated back to the original kirby game for the SNES, where a bonus game (I think it's called "Quickshot") was unlockable to play that matches this. This game has more levels though, the original minigame has 5 levels.
I hope you guys like this fun remake! Can you make it to the 10th and final level?



What can I say? The game was fairly boring. I think the quickdraw game from the old NES Kirby was more fun (at least it had a reward instead of the usual pat on the back for beating it). The only part I would rate anywhere near decent is the sound, and that's only because I like ParagonX9's music. Good try, but I'm not impressed.


i agree with the previous guy on that...that sucked...


front page? WOW. this is a piece of crap

not too shabby

I can only make it to eight, it's pretty hard though :D
My only complaint is that it is way too short, there isn't too much content here to keep players entertained for long. Neat gameplay concept though, actually at time I got a twitchy finger and shot off key and was killed several times in a row. This is especially good because this is what the whole game is about, firing not too late or early, and I was so eager to finish at times I lost it. Music was awesome and reminded me of toonami beats. I adore the music the most!! Visuals were okay, but with something as simle as this, would it hurt too put more detail into the characters and actually make them interesting too look at.



*Yawn* oh woops did something happen after I shot the guy the first 6 levels?

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3.07 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2004
5:00 PM EST
Skill - Other