Crack Shot

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UPDATE Nov. 9 (Halo 2 Day!): Holy hell! thanks for the front page guys! With that, I think I'm finally motivated enough to finish up several of my current projects (some of which are award potential)
UPDATE:I fixed the glitch where you couldn't kill the finale enemy :) Along with that, I also added in a cheat code, can you figure it out? (It's actually what I used to debug each enemy :P)
Here's a fun minigame I threw together today!
The gameplay is actually dated back to the original kirby game for the SNES, where a bonus game (I think it's called "Quickshot") was unlockable to play that matches this. This game has more levels though, the original minigame has 5 levels.
I hope you guys like this fun remake! Can you make it to the 10th and final level?



I killed Jesus!


that's kinda funny...

Seriously, though, I don't see how this made front page. Unless there was nothing better to put on it?


it was a pretty good game. and like that other guy said definently not front page material.

What is this shit...?

WHat has Newgrounds come to?
Putting shit like this on the front page.....
Its basic no humor and no excitement. Shame on newgrounds

its a good game but not good for front page!

It was okay but........

B4 i start my long review i do not intentially mean to pay out ur game, so don't write a reply blasting teh S@%T out of me....

Newgrounds has gone on a spiriling heap straight into the ground with its poor quality movies seeping into the front page where as more talented work is left behind....

with that being said, i do belive this shouldn't have been on front page, i mean although fun and everything it gets boring after a couple of levels, doing the same thing, every time...

you stand in front on the other man, like the old western movies you have a good ol' shoot out, although it does test your reflexes it doesn't really do anything better than that....

the graphics were okay but were not the best, i do not know why your movie is so large in size, probably the gun shot sound....the sounds were crisp clear (but probably taken from a counter strike game), the actual thought may have been in the movie but it didn't show............the Fulps really need to get their act together and choose betta movies for the front page.........

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Do not play this game it is shit you hardly do anything and you get shot to aeisily and the graphics fucken suck!

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3.07 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2004
5:00 PM EST
Skill - Other