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Nov 8, 2004 | 5:39 AM EST
  • Daily Feature November 9, 2004

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Author Comments

After ages of work it is FINALLY here, another movie inspired by thoughts, dreams and nightmares.

Punch up the volume and turn off the lights!

* Congratulations to Guardian527! He went to the lenghts of decoding the letters in the book and has unveiled the secret, read more below in the description.

* If the movie doesn't work please don't vote/review! I've already emailed Wade about it, you may email Wade as well.

* Also, so many of you have complained about the graphics, and especially the "Hand" (that dreaded hand!) SO, as some have suggested, I've added shading now, tada! (yes that is some pitiful update but its worth it). Success, the hand is updated!

* OH MY GOD! Frontpage! AND a Daily Award! I couldn't be happier!!

* My housemate and friend, who is also the french voice actor, has finally made a NG account, and now he's officially a co-author, his voice acting was wonderful and so he deserves this :)

* Thanks to everyone who wrote reviews, I'll check them out and respond after I continue my sleep (lol) and get back from college

* To everyone who did _big_ reviews, I really thank you for them! The reason I didn't respond to them is because, right now, I'm tired like never before, so I will definately reply after I get my rest, I apologize for the late response


Sorry if this was late, I can't believe how lazy I am, and I literally mean it -_-

The voice acting is not top notch but is somewhat good, my voice (The really really deep one) was intentionally sounding like that, and its not because I don't know how to talk correctly! It's just something that adds a touch to the movie's "atmosphere" if you know what I mean.. And it was hard enough to do that while speaking clearly. They say that hearing one's own voice is usually disliked, so maybe its just me who thinks that I suck, lol.

This will hopefully be the last flash piece I'll do for this year, I really have to get working on my college assignments and my project, heh is it just me because I'm really starting to get addicted to Flash and NG, lol

I only wish I can pat myself in the back but my arms are so tired from overworking on this damned thing, and I can't sleep until I read and reply to all the reviews I'm (hopefully) getting.. Oh but wait, I DID sleep!

I wanna thank Tom Fulp for making this great site, and w00t I'm on frontpage I just can't believe it, my first frontpage ever! Also I wanna thank everyone who voted and everyone who reviewed (again) because all the negative and positive things I read is what makes me a better flasher :)

Thank you NG !

== the hidden text ==
== unlocked by Guardian527 ==

I wanted to write a book that holds the memories I had left in me, before I leave for the trail of no return…

I won't tell where is that sentence supposed to be, but I think its quite easy to figure out



Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was weird at the beginning but near the end it got scarier and creepier. This was a great movie and I hope you make more like this to creep me out. Great JOB and good luck with tha movies. =)

Xenosteel responds:

thank you very much!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was.....

really great. I loved it i didnt look away from the screen once and i agree with the other people you really do have a powerful message...this is one of the greatest flashes i have seen on here.

:D oh ya i went to watch the deleated scenes but the link thing wouldnt work....


Rated 5 / 5 stars

OMG, I broke the character limit in this review

So I had to shorten it :P

That was one deep piece of work. Quite refreshing as there are not many movies that dare to delve as far down to touch such abstract ideas such as this the ones found in this movie.

Anyways, you asked for a review, and I'm going to give you an essay. ;) Here we go, a flow of my thoughts as I watch the movie. Enjoy.

At the very being I was surprised to be hearing a different language being spoken. While this could be a hindrance, it is not at all in this movie. On the contrary, it gives a sense of mystery to it. Which is good as it fits into what this is aiming for. The voice itself is also very soothing. You have a very nice voice Xenosteel.

The use of descriptive details is simply amazing. It's like something I'd expect to read in a great novel. The line about how the intense focus on the book causing every thing else to dim I thought was particularly excellent word usage. I’d like to see you wrote a short story sometime. (and if you have already, I’d like to read it)

I was able to recognize that the song playing was from LOTR :P Such a nerd I am. Thinking was confirmed at the end when I checked the credits.

The sudden high pitched noise was enough to make me jump back and wince, and while the sudden noise trick is overdone, there aren't many other ways to scare someone, and it was expertly done so I'm not angry about it in the least.

When I saw the red dot on the white background my first thought was of Japan. Obviously, it was just coincidence that it looked exactly like the Japanese flag, but that is interesting all the same.

The evil eye makes me again think of LOTR as it looks like the eye of Sauron. (considering the music was just playing this isn't such a surprise)

A smoother looking font would have been nice instead of the pixilated one that you choice. What is that btw? It looks like a variation on windings.

The first shot of the boy I felt was a big deviation from the rest of the movie in terms of graphical style. But a minor detail and easily forgiven. Still well drawn at least, so no bad art popping up. And at least it keep that style throughout the entire flashback.

The shadows walking in front of the boy in that one scene are rather chubby looking though. Better drawing of them would have been nice. But again, minor detail.

Nice use of blur. Been seeing a lot of that in the higher quality movies.

The weird arm/tentacle was a point were the movie started getting quite weird. Very stylish looking, and sinister at the same time.

Ok, now its times to prepare yourself for.....SUPER INTERPRETATION TIME!
Yeah, perhaps I am looking too much into this, but is always fun finding meaning in things, even when no meaning exists.

The saw I see as a metaphor for insanity. Its teeth constantly sawing back and forth, weakening and damaging the brain to the point were it snaps, and fully goes crazy.

The endless hallway I see as a metaphor for confusion and panic. You keep running down the hallway trying to find the end (the answer, but all of your running (thinking) seems to be getting you no where, and you get more frantic in your search desperately trying to find an end to the madness. And as the insanity wears more and more upon you, thinks begin getting less and less clear, up to the point where everything goes dark (the point that madness has taken full reign).

Of course, again with the high pitched noise, and again with the wincing. This could represent his final death. The white tinted man being the doctor that was practicing on him (to try and save him from the mental condition he had, the insanity being a side product of such) and the noise being the flat line as his heart finally stops. This also explains why his eyes close at this point.

Anyways, an excellent piece of flash. And one of the most thought provoking movies I have seen in all of my time here. A classic for sure, I hope to see this on the front page.

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Xenosteel responds:

Ah the voice indeed gave a touch of “mystery” you captured that perfectly! But that one was done by my friend Magik_Mush and I’ll say that he did one mighty good job :)

Oh wow I did write my first short story when I was pretty young, I think it was like, 4,000 words long (not much, I know) and I actually made two parts for it, but its, erm, so VERY filled with emotion, in a strange way that I’m embarrassed to let anyone read! But, hmmm, I might do it since you asked for it, though it is quite dull and cheesy.. Check out R_A_G_E (if you haven’t already)

Hehe the sudden pitch noise was a thing, and if you analyze it carefully you’ll notice that it fades out of the right speaker before it does to the left speaker, and its sort of what happens when the human ears start to do it, the sound stays longer in the left ear. Let’s hope nobodies speakers get hurt by the high pitch though :P

Haha you and my friend said the same thing “Oh look it’s the Japanese flag” I burst into laughter when I first heard that!

The font is, uh, some Star Wars galactic font I found on some site, it was pretty cool so I thought ‘why the heck not use it’ :P Its not actually pixilated but that happened because I wrote the words in Photoshop and saved them as a PNG, just in case because I wasn’t sure flash could include the font and that it would be displayed correctly by all viewers.

Oh wow you really have good eyes to notice even the walking shadows! Hah Its true they weren’t the best and they were quite ‘chubby’ hahah!

Oh wow okay now I’m quite speechless on this part of your review, it is truly a ‘super interpretation’ and its amazing!!! Too amazing for words, wow, you are making me think now because you have said things that never hit my head, in fact, its more like an interpretation of myself!! Wow, are you a psychologist?

I thank you very very much for the amazing review! You said such touching and meaningful words, I am really speechless, this is one review I’ll never forget!!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

A masterpiece

Purely amazing are the words I'm searching for. Your graphics-overall-were superb. Your soudns and music added a sort of creepiness that reminded me of The Ring. I think you may have taken influence there, maybe. Either way, it was wonderful and quite creepy. At the end, though, it left you with a warm feeling, and like you stated, I was no longer afraid. It's a true shame that the extra scene could not be included on here, it added a certain element that no-one should be without. Very good voice acting, even though you criticize yourself. Both you and your friend did amazing in that aspect. Keep this up, and I'll be a personal fan of your work!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice work

are you saying you can communicate with "us?" email me.