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Nov 8, 2004 | 5:39 AM EST
  • Daily Feature November 9, 2004

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Author Comments

After ages of work it is FINALLY here, another movie inspired by thoughts, dreams and nightmares.

Punch up the volume and turn off the lights!

* Congratulations to Guardian527! He went to the lenghts of decoding the letters in the book and has unveiled the secret, read more below in the description.

* If the movie doesn't work please don't vote/review! I've already emailed Wade about it, you may email Wade as well.

* Also, so many of you have complained about the graphics, and especially the "Hand" (that dreaded hand!) SO, as some have suggested, I've added shading now, tada! (yes that is some pitiful update but its worth it). Success, the hand is updated!

* OH MY GOD! Frontpage! AND a Daily Award! I couldn't be happier!!

* My housemate and friend, who is also the french voice actor, has finally made a NG account, and now he's officially a co-author, his voice acting was wonderful and so he deserves this :)

* Thanks to everyone who wrote reviews, I'll check them out and respond after I continue my sleep (lol) and get back from college

* To everyone who did _big_ reviews, I really thank you for them! The reason I didn't respond to them is because, right now, I'm tired like never before, so I will definately reply after I get my rest, I apologize for the late response


Sorry if this was late, I can't believe how lazy I am, and I literally mean it -_-

The voice acting is not top notch but is somewhat good, my voice (The really really deep one) was intentionally sounding like that, and its not because I don't know how to talk correctly! It's just something that adds a touch to the movie's "atmosphere" if you know what I mean.. And it was hard enough to do that while speaking clearly. They say that hearing one's own voice is usually disliked, so maybe its just me who thinks that I suck, lol.

This will hopefully be the last flash piece I'll do for this year, I really have to get working on my college assignments and my project, heh is it just me because I'm really starting to get addicted to Flash and NG, lol

I only wish I can pat myself in the back but my arms are so tired from overworking on this damned thing, and I can't sleep until I read and reply to all the reviews I'm (hopefully) getting.. Oh but wait, I DID sleep!

I wanna thank Tom Fulp for making this great site, and w00t I'm on frontpage I just can't believe it, my first frontpage ever! Also I wanna thank everyone who voted and everyone who reviewed (again) because all the negative and positive things I read is what makes me a better flasher :)

Thank you NG !

== the hidden text ==
== unlocked by Guardian527 ==

I wanted to write a book that holds the memories I had left in me, before I leave for the trail of no return…

I won't tell where is that sentence supposed to be, but I think its quite easy to figure out



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Nothing to write home about.

What the hell... First off if anybody cried or thought this was a brilliant bit of poetry, your an emotional moron. Maybe its just me but I had no idea what was going on, even after watching both movies. Im assuming its a made up man who finds a book in an abandoned house then random images in a very similar nature to The Ring appear and then either the book or the man say that he lost everything to war then and then hes all angry and stuff then he had an epifany where he realized war is bad and how terrible the world is, and somehow a child and a wife fit into this puzzle. Seriously you have to be living in a damn concrete room in the middle of the earth if the movie made you realize those things. Humans have always sucked and war has always been terrible. If a poorly drawn movie made you realize this your an ignorant moron. Maybe this would have made sense if both movies were together and I didnt have to end up watching 2 movies to get the point. Lack of animation and a good story made this extremely boring. You would have been better off making a PSA saying dont have war and dont fight because its bad. Or hopefully all the world leaders who frequently visit newgrounds will be swayed by your words of wisdom and peace will be obtained overnight. Definetly not front page material. I also really hated your drawing style. I dunno, maybe I just missed the point.

Xenosteel responds:

Its true what you said about humans, in this movie I tried to make people realize how a wonderful life can be easily destroyed.. ofcourse this flash will not save the world and bring world peace, its just to give some thought about it.. sad truth is that wars will never stop, and that will always be a fact

be more 'POLITE' to other people please, being offensive is not wise at all. I don't like to be offensive to other people but I'd like to say this on behalf of others: "You made a moron of yourself with that review"


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is such an amazing movie. I've wanted to find some way of expressing myself through such actions, but have little chance of doing so. Now that I have found this movie, I am glad that another has brought it upon themselves to express a desire to at least find a reduction of war, though there is little chance of that ever being, as it seems human nature has become war, with little hope of ever ending. That is why I do not fight, because in fighting a person only brings pain, and pain can not be increased if you wish to keep this world from becoming a hellish place. Thank you for creating this beauty, to speak to all who would seek this truth.

Xenosteel responds:

there are many reasons I did this movie, too many things to express. But as you all know, history repeats itself, its like a part of the circle of life.. Wars will never stop, that just shows how unique humans are, ignorant and irresponsible as ever :P

thank you for clearing out this message to people, and for the lovely review!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really... Really liked it...

That's one of the most amazing flashes I have watched in quite sometime. I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the french speaking in the flash. ^_^

Xenosteel responds:

thank you! :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I thought it was good.

Regardless of what others have been saying, I found it deep and thought provoking. Who cares if you don't like the animation or the drawing style. If you wanted to see something eerie and realistic, go watch a fucking Hollywood release. Get over yourselves. And those of you that haven't made a Flash movie, or don't draw, etc., you shouldn't be bitching. I know I haven't made one, and that I probably never will; but I do draw and it's incredibly difficult to try and make something good enough that you would like to show to other people. So before you complain again, consider that, and go make a Flash movie of your own for the rest of us to judge.

Good work. I especially liked your use of French for the narration instead of English. It was subtle, but a very powerful way to hold the attention even further.

Xenosteel responds:

thank you very much for defending my case! I usually ignore the unfair people, although I do get slightly pissed sometimes, your words have calmed me down greatly, well said!! :D

haha to tell you the truth I just wanted a voice other than my own, then I said "Hmm I think french would be better than English" and I did it, and it did give its classic touch alright :)

thanks for the review, and thanks again for defending me :) much appreciated


Rated 5 / 5 stars

man thats FUCKED UP!

buts it needo torpeedo!
man I wish i was sophisticated enough to understand what the hell that meant

Xenosteel responds:

:) It depends on the coffee I guess
thanks for the review!