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The Fall of Gandalf 3

rated 2.33 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Nov 7, 2004 | 11:37 PM EST

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Author Comments

Gandalf, after being vanquished by the Dark Lord of Mordor was left for dead in an allyway. He was taken into cricial care and was between life and death. But now, with the help of many well trained doctors, has emerged victorious. However, he still has one more step to his recovery: revenge. Revenge upon the one that did this to him. He must stand firm and resolute to fight and conquer him. This is him, his story, which will deside the fate of humanity.

Sorry about the delay for this one. Between homework, San Andres, Doom 3, and counter-strike I was able to get little bits of this. Oh and to nip the flower in the bud: I will continue making these....FOR....EVER...M



Rated 5 / 5 stars

a response 2 the previous review

what are you talkin about, this roks, its funny (i dont know how or why but it is) i think its great especially the music man lol make more


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


OK, THIS SUCKED REAL BAD, also some of these 0 r actually negaitives >:O

turkeyindisguise responds:

Really? I don't see any negatives...are you trying to play with my mind? Well, you have messed with the wrong person. I've got connections, if you know what I mean, so you've been warned. Thanks for the 10 in interactivity though...


Rated 5 / 5 stars


you are an genius! and if anyone dares tell this man that his work is bad, i will come to your house....... and give you all my junk mail.. and the junk mail from all the other people in your street.

when i first saw this work of art, i nearly shat myself.

it is the funniest movie in the history of the world

ps: where did you get that loop music at the end? it is brilliant

turkeyindisguise responds:

Whoa! That was totally unexpected! I expected to once again glance at that mighty penis guy's review and sulk at his extreme disaproval when I saw this one. Your words are kind and generous. If anyone starts flaming you or anything, just give us a call and we'll take care of them...we got yo back too. I know about those accidents that happen when watching FOG, it happens to me everytime I watch them too. Perhaps now you have inspired me to respond to a couple reviews. Thank you very much.

PS: what loop? :D


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Hello again...

Hi! Remember me? You told me to review FOG3, so here goes...

I would like to start this review by posting this...

"What if someone is the best comdeian in the world but can't draw that great? Should he really be blammed?" LOL, you are kidding right?

And on to the review!

I just do not understand how one can get away with making near identical flash movies and submitting them as if they are a series. What was different this time? A few different sound bytes? The little black circle floating into the white circle followed by some snow at the end of the movie? 2 changes? Oh wait, that's right, you are sticking to that winning formula right? Nothing says "great flash" quite like poorly drawn and animated characters with dialogue that is limited to "shutup" and "what are you going to do about it.... asshole."

You said in retalitation to my "intense" review, that you are just trying to make people laugh? Well what is funny about that? The first one could pass for comical, just because of the nuance of seeing something so stupid for the first time. How in the world can you possibly find this amusing for a 3rd or even 2nd time?

Also, when I said "no effort whatsoever" when reviewing #2, you responded with... "it took me all of 3 hours." Lol.. Did you mean for that statement to prove my point, or do you honestly consider 3 hours work put into a flash animation a top notch effort?

Said by you... "All you have contributed are ugly reviews and nasty words...." First off, I'm sorry child, do you want a tissue? Secondly, you should have seen some of these nasty words coming your way when you started insulting anyone who gave you the 0 you deserved for this lame little "series."

And for the record, reading reviews from a few other viewers is nowhere near "stalking." We DO have the ability to read the reviews of our peers, and it does not take a whole lot of effort to do so. Seeing as you find the need to post your defense on nearly every review, I would imagine you understand how easy it is to read...

Hey! Maybe for FOG4 you can make a plot? Plots tend to make flashes develop some sort of purpose or draw to that people enjoy watching! I know the concept of plot is an abstract idea, and I'm no Spielberg, so heh, what could I possibly know right?

God I hope there is no 4th...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hahahahahahha!!! :P

I just love all three Gandalf movies, specialy the ending!!!!!!