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My friend, Alex 'Fried Chicken Song' Walker made this song. I don't think he ever intended anything to be done to it but he should have thought of that before he sent it to me, shouldn't he?

So, sit back, relax. Wait four hours for it to load and watch what is possibly my most ambitous flash project yet.

Tommorow: The Music Video

EDIT: Okay, increased the sound quality for your listening pleasure.


I wasn't impressed by this that much. I guess the animation wasn't bad, but it was still seemed weak. I couldn't understand a lot of the dialogue. I didn't bother turning up the volume. It was just nothing memorable. I did like how it was a bit unpredictable.

This didn't make me cheer up. Um, Happy Mother's Day? This was just too bland. There is little to say about it. The lip synch wasn't good.


Wow well what really impressed me about this flash short was the crazy way you destorted your character designs every few moments some really wacky designs came up from that. I thought that the lack of backgrounds did effect it though i mean ppl like to see something in the background be it just a color or a simple feature. I thought that the standout part of your flash had to be that incredible song you based it around.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

Not as good as the others...

Why do people hate you? The lipsync wasn't so great, and I don't like the song but... It was still funny.

Monkey Spunk!

I was cheerful, then I watched this.


Graphics: 9 Good, but a little amatuerish
Style: 10
Sound: IT was hard to hear the singer and understand him sometimes
Violence: none, 0
Interactivity: it's a toon
Humor: 2 not very funny
Overall: 7. You would have gotten full marks if you had included lyrics along with the cartoon

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3.13 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2004
4:35 PM EST
Music Video