Strip Quiz 42

November 7, 2004 –
May 7, 2011
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Author Comments

Strip Quiz 42

This is dedicated to all the strip quizes out there. Enjoy.

*very educational*

+her name is Rachel Elizabeth+


its the middle one i got it on the first try :D

I cant get past the last one! whats the answer!?

that was hilarious! i think tho that the pics without the ice cream shoulda been made before, but that was the photographer's image i guess..

i sure wish to be tht ice pop

Ah man that was awesome i was too focused on the questions and i really had to laugh out loud xD made my day

What didn't you like?

i liked it but there was one thing i didnt like

That was hilarious! all the answers were 42!

I wish I was that ice cream

I liked the girl(s) a lot, but the game was pointless and unoriginal. Kudos for the Douglass Adams reference, however. ;)

it was okay but not good or new newgrounds needs better stuff

nice naked girl

i agree with you hotbecky they where stupied

stupid questions...who was the first president of africa? nonsense

42 is the answer the answer to the universe...and strip quizes.

I'm guessing you like A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

click 42 every time to win

great game is there more like this

duuuude, atfirst i didnt get it, thts hilarious. anyother games like this?

lol 42.

That was an awesome game. Good job whoever created this game.

If only

Do you have a pussy?...42! What is 7+6?...42!

actually took me a while to notice the answer to everything

where did you get the pics plz reply!

i luv the chickz @$$hole on da lats question

Awesoem game, `` what is the capital of mexico?`` - 42 Lmao!

amm 42.... cool the beginning was really hot! I lost like 12 times for getting distracted and not concentrating in pressing 42 for the next image!

i have a boner

I love this game i played it "42" times!

answers 42 ok yw

SOMBODY on this God-forsaken planet knows somthing, but...
what is The answer to life, the universe and everything?
I KNOW!!!!!!!

The answer to life, the universe and everything is.....42!!!!!

that looks sooooooo sexy

I get it.

...gawd what I would do to be that Popsicle...

HAHAHA!! I like question 16!

42= The answer to life, the universe, and everything. From The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books.

fine girl too

the moans are GREAT PROTECTION from the stupid 18- idiots

@ Rockiton341... Swa swa swa swa swa!!!! PWNED!

Anyways, I like that you took some time to poke fun at strip quizzes, or quizzes in general.

As XIIIboy said, very sexy, and very easy. Deserves a 10 from me.

She's hot but i like sex things.Alright,I will move topornhub.com to watch sex videos.:)))

I got so confused till i noticed that 42 was tha answer to all of them.


42 is why

Very sexy and very easy.!.!.

simple yet satisfying
oh and it makes me feel smart

The reason all the asnwers are 42 is because 42 is the answer to life the universe and everything but nobody knows what the question is. (hitch hikers guide to the g

best game ever!!

for those who dont know the answer 42 :P

i luv tha game

my favorite food is 42! i like the chick, HOT! i also like the humor in the 42

42 42

best quiz ever!


whats up with tht no? or is it something u could think up?
Anyway the lady was nice but i like a mixture, the strip wasnt as seductive but i better complain to the porn industry over tht. Nice and a virus-free way of getting porno

LOL omg that made me laugh, do you have a vagina
and sup dood?
42 LOL
good game LOL

my fav number

All of the question answer is 42!

BEST...GAME...EVER!!!!!!!!!! My FAVORITE pic is 12...BEST view of her ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the 42 42 thas the best

Whats my Favorite color? ......42..:D

nice sound effects and mainly there's apparently something about a melted popsicle all over a hot chick that really exciting

tha hardest quiz ever

It's the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

every awnser is 42

nice tits, volume is extremly loud for those that dont want their parents to hear >.<. gota love 42

all the answers are 42. T.T

just do the control click forward thing and its right

42, 42, 42, 42

I think I'll give it 42 stars out of 42

fuck science, show me somethin' nekkid

I would give you 42 stars(:

I think it broke, dude.

42, 42, 42...

I'm edjamacatted...

The answer to evrything, to life, please tell us...

I have thought long and hard, but eventually i came up with.. the answer to evrything is... 42.

(we all love the hitchikers guide to the galaxy)

the answer is alwas fucking 42 what the hell?????????????????????????????????

I ordered chinese before i played this and 42 was one of my lucky numbers.

I love it, make more


OMFG Thankyou 42!

That sucked, everything is 42?

everything is 42....

i clocked that in like 2 mins

when the fuck does 7+6=42?

why dont u go out and get a girl yourself thatll do that tu u.

42 is my new favorite number

42 has never been so sexy.

whahaha....42 42 42 42 42 xD 2 damn funny xD

that gave a new meaning to hot

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 42 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


funny stuff but you should have made this a real game not jest a game were you answer the same thing again and again

42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything

that was fun last picture was epic

That was actualy prety good once you figure out the secret #

That was hot as hell

She moans every question... Fourty-Two ! Epic number

my new favorite number is 42 and that ice pop is AWESOME, its the perfect touch (im gonna go get an ice pop!) ..............HOT

nice game but the sound of that girl is so anoying!!!

every anser is 42 and she gets hoter withevery corect anser

....................................y ou are a fucking god.............i love you..................................
if i had a cookie i would give it to you..................................

I haven't even played it yet, but i can tell that it's gonna be AWESOME!

just, perfect

I loved it, you should have lots more of quiz's like this one!!

if u r making another one make it 35 ^^

very hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you did a great job on this, hopefully you can make another quiz with a different number, with Gabrielle Lupin or somebody, fantastic job this is the best strip quiz i've seen so far!

Nice to see a fellow hitchhiker out there. Great job! You would be great at making games! The graphics are good, Rachel (The girl for those who didn't read the "Author's Comments") is hot, and all the answers are correct. Congrats! For any other type of quiz, I might have deducted a point for easiness, but difficulty is not the purpose of these kinds of quizzes, is it?

alot of naked i kiss her boobs

42 is the sexiest number


this quiz is funny do u love me 42 wat is 41+1 42 this was so funny i didnt even pay attention to the naked chick striping i give u a 110/10 nice work

I like 42 lol It's my favorite number now lolx2

Good game very sexy and easy

the twit that don't know the reponse it's 42

From now on...42 is my fav number

i will never see #42 the same again

shes hot LOL


good job and for all of you out there here are the answers

1. 42
2. 42
3. 42
4. 42
5. 42
6. 42
7. 42
8. 42
9. 42
10. 42
11. 42
12. 42
13. 42
14. 42
15. 42
16. 42
17. 42

the nomber 42 is the best nomber ever

is 42 but seriously it was great like what you did with th 42


U HAVE 42 FINGERS?! lol, "what is my favorite number?" ...42 of course! mines 7, 8 and 18.

i liked it when she turnd naked

i like the sound to and the answar to everything is 42 lol

make more

omg i so do lmao.

Nice game fun, cheap, pornographic all very good lol >.<

42 power!
hot girl good sounds and easy questions= nice n cheap porn!

the answer to all the questions is 42 XD

Good game, gave me a boner ;o


man i can;t take that out my mind cuz that wuz HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was soooooooo hot

she is like the hottest girl ever plus shes got a great body with perfect tits/boobs and a really nice pussy and a nice ass shes great 2 google too plz make another one of her! i cant find some of these pics anywhere else she is so hot!!!!

this girl made me get a bonor in a milisecond

this was the best strip quiz yet out of all of them. it is the reason i joined ng

Sexy girl but much too easy all the ansers are 42. <({-.-})>

she's fucking gorgous

Deliciously hot girl with great Breats/ass playing with a popsicle while naked.Genuis!

i do believe that this gets a, well, 42, out of 42.
very, very nice

thats my favorite number

^^ ;)

the game is awesome damn that is fucking hot good work


wow she is so fuking sexy. i wanna fuck her. me so horny

this game is perfect nice chick and the moaning is damn

my favorite number is now 42

great game. fantastic. make more.
where can i get that sound clip. i need that noise. please tell me where i can find it

42 42 42 42 42

Lol, 42 gets your prize =P

sexiest chick ever lol

very sexy girl has a nice body:)

That was nice :D

42 woot

wow the number 42 now that ia my nu magical number

sexy and educational

now 42 is my favorite number.

hooray for the number 42!

pretty funny :]

It's my new lucky number.

wat i said

thats the pornstar rachel elizabeth. those are from google images. ive seen em


hurray for 42

I loved it but i made my dick bigger with this with it is so enjoyable and I FCUSED ON THE VIGINA AND TiTS

It was so easy a fucking a moron could do it.... THATS WHY I LOVED IT!!
I dident have to dick around with hard annoying questions to get to the TITTIES!! =D

i loved how the answers always 42!
and by the way,,,very nice titts! mmmmmmm!!!


42 the answer for everything! xDDDD

Wow man it fucking eazy and that girl ouff I so want to fuck her wow seriuly nice game and what with the 42?

lol. Very funny. I laughed. I cried. I cummed...

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The answer to life, the universe and everything is 42...

The pics were GREAT! but at the end that girl seemed very loose

it was awsume but i thought when she stuck icypole down pants she was gona jam it in like an erect penis that would have been funny

You know... I Never was able to beat this Game...

but the answer is...42

omfg this is the best quiz out there i wanted to bang that chick u got a 10/10 and a 5/5 please make some more

As a bi girl I can say that the brunette was fucking hot. (She should have shoved the popcicle stick up her though, that would have been hot)

Is it just me, or was the blonde at the end really loose?

this is the easiest and sexiest strip quiz so far! lovin that shit!!!!

42 is da best!

it's pretty cool, but why did you have to take specially the pictures of my girlfriend?

So you were the one who made this? Nice game man, and I love how everything is 42 ahahahah they make some of the questions funny. Nice man. Again, keep up the good work. 10/10, 5/5

mmmmm, im soo tuned on now.
great game !

this game is very sexy

great sound affects 2 :D

That was great the sound made it even better.

422 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

question 16 made my brain hurt

The funnyest question is number15 (Do you love me?) OF COURSE But the answer should be 42 LOL

Facts about her:
Her nipple is small
Her vagina is black!!!
She is so SEXY

pretty good if you nake another one get a better babe and keep the easy anser plese

all the ansers are 42

this was really funny and i feel smarter now hehehe 42

p.s like the chick

question 11 is the funnyest "do you have vagaina? 42 of them" lol

she is fine as hell! better get a tissue ready!

for the last question it's the number at the bottom

41!....no...um......43!.....no..... i got it 42.
Its awesome, i like the "music", and pics

what's one + one. 42!! YAY!

one of the best quizes out there, that ive tryed. i liked the soundtrack the the quiz.

HAHA Badass game! Couldnt stop laughing after the second answer.

Keep It Up W/ The BA Games!!!

..........................just kidding 42 lol good answer

fantastic, best tribute ever. the ending picture was also fantastic. Sound made it that much more enjoyable. The answer options were great.

can you send me some pics on my e-mail?

rocks. and by the way, the answer's 42

you gotta love using the universal number to go threw a test, ... and be right for it.

42 is my favorite number now!

click the 2nd 42 at the end to hit the jackpot

this game is sweet, 42 42 42

this was one of few flashes to actually make me laugh out loud! and with some amazing pickys on the side good combo! the instructions are funny, the games funny, lol its all funny... just one question whats the correct answer to the question when it changes chicks? (i know its 42... but wich 42?

On the first question, when I saw 7+6 and no correct answer, I was a little confused. But 42 is always the answer. Funny, and very hot pictures.

But man those questions were hard!!

this was fun n made me laugh .. AHAHAHAH

o.o" best for last was great lmao

more pics this time. n if answers ganna be tha same add in a delay between being able to click for the next pic to show up ^_^

best game ever i loved the moning keep up the good work

The first two questions annoyed me until I remembered the title. It was a breeze from there lol.

The pics were nice, the questions funny, and every question had the same answer. The last question i was like .....which 42 is it?????? Ooops just gave away all the answers....^-^' sorry. Anyway nice quiz!!!!

Hot as hell! Still, someone needs to lay off The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (what, you don't think I'd know The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything when I saw it?) But still, just as Eccentrica Gallumbits, the Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon Six, said about Zaphod Beeblebrox (all you H2G2 fans know what I'm talking about), that chick would probably be "The best bang since the big one!"

This was a funny quiz! The last pic is the best, but the other photos were also pretty hot! Great job!

Hey guys proffessional help? well, puttin' ur dick in a girl's cherry is soooooooooo aghh (groans srry im a middle f sex!!) oh ok my GF is giving me a hump no actually 2 girls!! go on baby fuck me!!!

whoeva made this watched hitch hikers guide to the galaxy 1 to many times

no stupid ass answers and tryin to figure out math n shyyt , your the shyyt man ,,, i fuckin love it, i wish i could send it to ppl tho

The answer's always 42!!!

nicely done ^_^



i really like it u should make other quizzes like this 1
how did the chick got cleach with the pic from, the 10 questio

m8 quality game glad u dont av to answer the question n js look a the pics, luvin the sounds propa good, keep up the well gd work m8

this game kicks ass! you rock my socks!

i like it how u dont have to actually answer the frickin questions

I'm not complaining how the game was made :D

Nice boobs and vagina .
very easy haha.
for u GUYS out there the answer is simple haha...

this is awesome. i hate answering questions. its perfect. :]

Do you have a vagina

HAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! FREAKIN EAZY !@#$ 42! WHats the settings for though? SHES FREAKING HOT!!!!

I ALWAYS KNEW 42 WAS THE ANSWER FOR EVERYTHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still that chick is fucking hot!!!!!!! Ty107 u rock!!!!!!!!!!! u should live forver man!!!!!!!!!!


the person who made this is awsome

I must say for a desperate kid i am...this was the easiest quiz ever...me likey

:| o.o im am forever in your debt great master :O

nice pics whered u get em

That was so easy, and so retarded... it wasn't even enjoyable.

im so horny right now its not even funny


i wish i was that lollipop

this is by far my most favorite quiz the answer that can sole the problems of worlds 42 that is the answer to all questions

i cant rate the sound my speakers are busted and the second to last question was funny but make another one where the answer is 24 or something (hot girl)

Ahhh. The ultimate answer. 42... How conveniently convenient .


all those answers are 42!! lmao!! rofl!! thats retarded the whole question thing is only 42!

one of my first's, and years later it remains a classic.

I love this game!
I shall play it for a very long time =P

wow the answer was 42 to all of them. wow that was great u gotta make sum mor of those types of quiz's who evr u r

nice little inside joke to those who have read hitch hiker's guide

Haha! I get it! The answer to life the universe and everything!

Girl was hot.

i loved that game. the best strip quiz yet. make another just as good.

wow i guess if the question was wats the meaning of life it would also be 42

love the chick in it ver hot and sexy

Heh alot easier to finish than the other ones

lol the answer was 42 for all of em lol thats funny

You gotta make more of this, imagine, a hot chick stripping whenever u press 42... I usually die of boredom when i have to use my brain, but we all know we're here to see some naked chicks! Am i right?


god bless u man god bless u. newgrounds needs more like u.thanks

that was the easiest quiz i ever took.

good fun for the first answer i actually tried and i was lyk wtf lol, hot girl

This is what I call brilliant. All hail the great answer of life (42). Good work!

This is pure genius man.

well according to" the hitchikers guide to the galaxy" the answer to evrything is 42 so its kinda funny you made the quiz the way you did.

This quiz game is great. Hot chick, easy questions, orgasm sound. What more can you ask for out of a quiz game.

Yes, This Game Is Very Nice to Jack Off To :D


dude u suck 7+6=13 not f*cking 42 what are you 1?


make another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmmm i would give you a 42 instead of a 10 but aut of that cool game and cool sounds....

i don't have to play, i can just listen to the sound

finally a game which is actually possible to do! and free naked pictures!



i cant stop playing this game lol, its so fun and ridiculously easy, the last question was hard O_o :P

I like this game it like you don't have to think it's like free ****

*The answer of all the question is 42*

love the ending the question had my boggled for hours.

Thank you God for this game.

This is one of the hottest games i have ever seen.

Graphics10 :sexy girl baby

style10: originality

sound10:orgasm sound

violence0: no violence

interactivity10: its just interactive

humor10: SEX

Ok this game has the sexiest girl. my favorite question was 15
it had a sexy picture

lol. how many fingers?? 42
i guess i fell into toxic waste thatll explain why i have FOURTY_TWO FREAKIN FINGERS!!!
lol this submission was FRICKIN AWSOME

How many fingers am I holding up? 42
That was really funny and pretty clever......I'll give it a 5 lol

A most sensual piece of artwork that I have ever seen... Good work


that was a very easy but good

The only reason I didn't give this a 10 for overall was because, I was waiting for her to stick it up her pussy, but she never did, but it was good other than, that.

clever, i guess. and what the hell does Douglas Adams hove to do with shit dreamstock? O.o

Cute, but amazingly hot sound, and decent pictures. You woudlnt happen to be a fan of Douglas Adams's work woudl you?

42 sweet and it all makes sense the time is 42 jeez. This was awesome make more!

42 lol, how many fingers am I holding up 42 lol ha

42 what a way. lol. After I figured it out, it was wonderful, lemme tell ya, I need a cigarette now. ^_^

She is SO HOT!!!!!!

Funny stuff. The babe in the game was pretty hot, as well - always a bonus.

I was breathing so hard....I.....*whew*

That was great though you should make more

next time you should make people think its somthing other than porno or something

*whistles* I've lost count how many times I've watched this, and even more, is how many times I've jacked off to this... No humour? Who wants humour? it gets rid of the hot of this. Make a million more!

this game racks alot it is so awesome because everyone knows the meaning of life is 42

Funny but you read more often
We all know 41+1=411

make another maybe with two chicks.?

I really needed that, sticky stuff on my keyboard... Good game...and lol yeah i think you can guess why it says interactivity....think....bt yeah good game good wack off material.

Hey, I like the pics, and I really dont need the weird quizzes that are in the rest. Good job.

dammit for all those out there this is the best game ever
its real easy9all anwers are 42) also she shows us her sweet good boobsBOOBSboobsBOOBSboobsBOOBSboobsBOOBS


....Look if u want to cheat right click it and press play!!!!!!
But if u do it that way u find out that there is about 20 pictures, maby less

i shood try that some time... fucing myself with a popsicle... lol

OMG man I almost CUM!!! you need to make more of those that is truly the best game EVER!!!!!

i wish all the quizes were like this

it is the hotest game ever

Good for a quick laugh.

Oh, and congratulations to the person who reviewed before me. You've restored my faith in stupidity.

question number one is kinda gay. it looks like you are asking what is 7 + 6 but the answer is for what is 7 x 6.

Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy kicks ass YAY Douglas Adams.

OK, OK, the eye is absolutely pleased as well, but the humour of facing us with the fact that we're only on this part of the site to look at naked ladies...

And the sound: overwhelmingly exaggerated. Big Fun.

that was hot fucking hot one big hint every answer is 42 got that idots

It makes meso very horny and it makes me happy to see a easy game. make more of these games please

I was actually able to get all the answer right!

every1 all the answers are 42, hey creator, u love when i mess wit it?, it aint a cheat code either, are you 42?, do you ave 42 offsprings?, u banged ur mom 42 times? GROSS!

1.The girl is sexy.
2.it is funny.
3.great sex sounds.
4.the best strip quiz yet.

6. I am weird

I think this game rocks! I could say that numerous times! About 41 more.

Dude hitch-hickers guide to the galaxy ROX!!!!!! I can't beleive sum1 actually made a game were The awnser to life, the universe and EVERTHING is 42.

Ix is my hero!!!!!!!

great idea! i wondered what that 42 should meant, too.
1st question: whats 7+6 (umm, wheres the 13???)
14th question(or so): ? answer: . -NO!! its 42 of course!!
im still laughing writing this review!!!

how many fingers am i holding up? - green lol? NO 42 of course (wait i have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, no 10 fingers... is he/she an alien?)

bonus question is best! hehe

to the author: keep on making funny games like this!!

loved the catch, and she is hot!

all of them are 42

If you just right-click and click forward, you don't have to answer all the questions to see the slides. Some of them are pretty hard...

42 !


Oh my god, I laughed for like 5 minutes, also I first wondered why it was called "42" since you haven't made 41 other ones:P And that's when the fun began^^

Very funny, very nicely done, very smooth, and best of all, hot ass chick

Good job, and definetly one of the finest tributes ever seen

FINALLY! Someone who at last understands the meaning of 42!!! I have the classic version of the book....The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!.....its all of them in one....i just reallly liked that someone else knew the meaning of it

Best guiz out, good girl you chose

I love the orgasm sounds, and it is pretty fun,

i love the bird in the background aving an "fake" orgasm like it :D Two thumbs up

Hillarious, wonderfull tribute to quises and Douglas Adams alike. Doug would be proud.

Loved the questions u asked dude, they kicked!
Also, the correct answer to the last is the first.

what i can't wait to see another one or at least send her to my place so i can see the show live!!!

awesome game, sweet graphics, very humourous, and i love it near the end when she gets all sticky:P lol

it was awesome. make more like that where all the answers are the same

42 IS THE ULTIMATE ANSWER JUFAKAA! =3 42 is my lucky number.... Not really, 13 is. But everytime I hear the number 42 I get feelings... Feelings... Of needing to do something drastic... So I reach into my pants... Pull out my calculator and do sums!

What did you think I was gonna put? =p PERV!

tHIS IS FUCKING HILARIUOS! I also thought that your pics are goureous... 8P' '' keep it up dude.

This is kinda funny all the answers are 42!

genius just pure genius

Pictures were great, idea was great.
Amazing game!

Me and my friends love this one after all the hard naked quizes

Something tells you have read Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

So there is no challage.. GOOD! I like the parody for all the other quiz games; which I have trouble calling challenging anyways! What kind of challlenge do you get by remembering answers when You fuck up cause You're keyboard got sticky!!
I liked the laugh exspecially ifYou ever read enough to understand the answer to life IS 42! And the popsicle..I'd love to help clean that up. Gotta love the sweet stuff!

There was no challenge in it what-so-ever, I know, easy porn but still a challenge is nice.

i liked how it was ez...


thats awesome, really really awesome...I want more. You should make some more of these. I love the sounds to the max man.
You freaking rule!!!!!!!

i love you......your so smart ....42 is why the world is a good place....ahhh i feel soo much better right now well ya thx lol

(and it was educational) i know this because...i now know what those popscicles are "REALLY" for..lol

Does your 42 have anything to do with Hitchhiker's Guide? If so, bump your style and humor scores to ten.

Don't Panic!

42... 42, 42!!!! 42 42 42, 42 42 42 42 42 42..... 42

as a devotee of 42 since smallkid time I salute you.
fine example of how to transcend intellectual
bullshit masquerading as pornography. one thing,
could you improve the photo quality to HQ?
Zooming in on the shots leads immediately
to pixallated nausea, which I am certain was
not your intention.

Good job!

I mean that! Finally, one where we know the answers! 7+6=42? I totally knew that!


LOL Sexy and hilarious........Bonus points (well i thought it was damned funny and I didn't get annoyed with the responses)


Ummmm 42

lmao nothing like getting fucked by an icecream lol nice keep it up

you people make me sick and hungry....lol good game make more

omg...FOURTY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!

i just wish the sound was 'looped' <plays over and over again.>

but other than that! GREAT!

NOW that's a quiz :D....really good...nice babe....nice questions :P....oh yeah....42




that was pretty good and i liked how you made all the answers 42.
the sound effects were a nice touch made me want to do things...


hardy har har...

That was fucking silly

this was hella funny dude

very nice, i sorta had trouble with the last question tho.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish....(she prolly smells like one)



42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything!!!! You should have known that.

umm wat can i say ........ 42

that was sweet! All though i kept pressing 42 all day.......The pictures got better and better

42 man, that's all I have to say is 42. If you don't understand what I am saying by now, then you are not a very bright man....or woman. 42!



i 42 everyone to 42 this 42 because 42 is 42 and 42

It is cool to watch but answering everthing 42, well it gets annoying but the girl doesnt.

that was amazing and how fucking easy i just have too watch again good job

god that was 10x better than any quiz game......i love you.....

i fancy the game
**hot booty**

son...and that is 42 is the answer to everthing. now if we could only find out what the question to life is...

what a game pure genius!!!! Oh lol i had a friend over and i showed him this game it took him 8 tries befor i told him all the answer were 42! which made it so much better

oh i need to clear my head now i cant stop thinking about that number

i liked this one way more than the others

ps. 42

this was good. a lot of good pictures. i was sitting there waiting for her to stick it in her V.G. yyyeah.

Makes life alittle easier...My solution to the other quizzes is try and try again...and again...and again...who's honesly going to know the chemical compound of blah-de-dah....

Nice.. Hitchhickers Fans REJOICE!

the answer for all of the questions is 42. Big shit. again u see as usaul a Woman strip. answer a few questions get it wrong and more pics u get. SSDD. really

that was alrite... ppls, listen to me... dont answer correctly... the answer to life is 42... i soon learnt that after seeing the second pic 15 times in a row... DAMMIT, that was good... like all ur others 10/10... tushay

Not bad. Not bad at all.

I loved the sound effects they were nice and hot


I don't think this was from the same guy and even though the girls in it were hot and worth looking at, what's with the frikin answer

this chick is hot! the answers were funny, i caught on after a few tries.

THESE QUESTIONS ARE TOO FUCKING HARD!!! Much like whats in my pants... =)

its flippin sweet gosh! 42.....remember that number

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Next time want to actually see her finger self, that wood be cool

pure genious
keep up the good work dude

just wanted to say... lovin' the audio man, lovin the audio

May 31, 2005
Reviewed by: Danceswithsquirrel Overall Score: 8
where did you get the pics of the girl with the popcicle?"

I think he got them from the internet...i'm really not sure though.

where did you get the pics of the girl with the popcicle?

lol i get stiff every time i c this 424242

Great :) But why is it called the 42 quiz (A) (just kidding)

All the answers are 42, to save you the time.

MY GOD...i would LOVE to bone her...nice sound efffex

by the way..I LOST MY VIRGINITY WHEN I WAS 15!!! HAHAHA!! and it was a hot chick..not some hoe either...and NO i did not rape her...

I guess One-Oh-Seven really loves the Hitchhiker series. Anyway, the joke is that in the series, it is believed that the answer to life, the universe, and everything is exactly 42. Kinda silly, huh? Anyway, good going.

And so it is proven... 42 really is the answer to life, the universe, and everything! DON'T PANIC!


teh answers are:

and the easiest to

do u have a vagina?

wats 203897x9453+097345?

i have a vagina!

how much does a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck chuck chucks wood?


great the answers are....... ill let you find out

greatness..greatness..Really hard though! *sarcasm*


ugh wtf! what is this nasty humping noise!! wtf!!omfg!!!!!!!i hope you never make this kind of shit again

good stuff

Damn she is hot. who the fuck is she i would fuck her without thinkin twice about it HOLY FUCKING SHIT

Who the fuck was that because i would really like to know!! She is so fucking hot!! Holy Fuck!!

that was frigin incredible holy hell.


This is the greatest strip quiz of all time this author is a GOD!!

Lick it up!

The moaning scared me cause of my speakers but it sounded kinda hot though.

Correction "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" was originaly a radio play on BBC Radio 4 back in the 1980-90's by Douglas Adams. It was then made into a TV series and books. It has now been made into a movie so THGTTG does indeed out date this quiz.

Get your facts right :P

Dude, this was out so long before the Hitchhikers Guide to the.....Galaxy. So much longer. Make educated comments please.

You copied the "every answer in the universe is 42" from Hitch hikers: guide to the universe movie

this is definatly the easiest quiz game ever.

PS: i've played it 20 times 0.0

The questions to this began getting totally ridiculous since the answer to all of them is............I'm not telling! But alas, I laughed my arse off with this one. A 9 is is worthy of!

me too I'm going to see it this thursday T.T so beautiful.

i love the book the hitchhickers guild to the galaxy were the answer to the meaning of life and all that that incompaces is 42!!!!!

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!! Great Great Great at first i was all lyk WTF then i figured it out and i just went WOOOOOOOOOOOt!!!!! 42 42 42 42 42 42 42.....

Wow...I'm a chick and that was absolutely HOT. And I loooove how many people keep mentioning the Hitchhikers GTGG, and you keep saying you've never read it! I love how dumb people are. Although I was confused when 7+6 wasn't 11, but I got it pretty quickly. I looooved that girls nipples...although I'm sure if I ran a popsicle over mine they'd get like that too...hmmm...ideas

wtf THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loev the popsicle crap :D

the only thing i will say for the rest of my life damn that was funny good idea you desever a 42 out of 42

I doubt the fact you got your "42" from the hitchhikers guide, but if so, please enlighten me of the souce for your inspiration.
as for reviewing your submission, I can't realy say anything except for some will like it and some won't. I did.

i read some comments to find out, and it seems i'm the only one who understands why theyre all 42. its from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. hasnt anyone read that? an all-knowing robot tells them the meaning of like is 42 and they tell it "i think you gave us the wrong answer" and it says "i think you asked the wrong question." anyway. pretty good. nice and easy. i like how it had noises. haha. i gave it some humor cause of the take from hitchhikers quide.

well, im the kinda sick bastard to enjoy soemthing like this. twoards the end it just got hysterical...wow...kinda pointless, but funny nonetheless.

all the answers are 42 if u want pussy that is. a dumb blonde must have made this

funny and sexy

Nice i like it.Realy i do im so sick from those hard questions and this ones realy funny too good job creators =]

lol dude great idea-all everyone needs is an easy one of these

great job man. Questions were funny!! woot woot

the answer to life the universe and everyhing

Good. Innovative. I love it. Cheers!

omg im jacking off right now i dont get why u just put 42 as every anser i guess less thinking more jaclin eh the sound was so awsome

Hey man! gr8 game, should do more tributes cuz ur good at em... n-e ways gotta simple question for you: why the hell you keep on avoiding to answer the question everyone has on their lips after beating the game for the 20th time (and jacking off for the 20th time) that is What is the chick's name?! Like...2 or 3 people asked and u dodged...just tell us all she might become famous all cuz of you, and trace you and wanna get laid off with you no? n-e ways gr8 game

I enjoy the other strip-games, but I find this one best, not only because of the simple answers, but the pictures are more enjoyable, and the added sound is a big plus.

I'm gessing you read the Hitch Hickers guide to the galaxy. Good for you ^.^

that was real sweet the sound just made it mader but that is 1 lucky lolly and i 1nder how she got clean? cos if she gets any more lollys please call me n make sure the shower dont work cos my tounge is very hot n wuld like 2 lick a lolly even if its gone 2 body temp.

ps the guidlines wont display

Dude, that oman was FYNNEEEE, doeznt ne1 kno her name?? Tw1stedMynd, if ur a guy, grow a dick fer christs sakes, if not, then, oh well, dont complain abt his math, especially if ur gunna put a "1" in "Tiwsted" and a "y" in "Mind"...hipocritical jack@55.
really gr8 game...lol 42. that was 1 lucky popsicle!!!!!!!! now 42 and 69 r ma fav numberz...


This strip-quiz is great but how do you disable the settings nude pic??? Can any one help me out?

This is a great submission but i did find an error in it um lol
Ok first off yes i am a guy yes i am straight but um i noticed if you click the middle yes to do you have a vagina the pink failure box never shows up ... but you didnt hear that from me :)

i couldnt figure out the answer. lol

42 42 42 42 42!

I forgot there were questions, I swear to god, if you get a question wrong on this game, please, just kill yourself. But great game, shes HOTT!

42! 42! I'm gonna live my life with that number.
One question, what is the name of that girl??? she's so hot.

42, and softcore porn. What more could a girl ask for?


Its pretty gross that shes dripping icky icecream juice all over her... But it is very funny, the anwer to evrything: 42!

It Was Very Good Except I Didn't Like The Fact She Was Dripping In Sticky Popsicle Juice

all u press is 42 lol

man i go here like every day its the one that never gets old, if u know what i mean, overall is diffenitly a 10 the only thing is the sound she makes doesn't repeat.

best game in the adult section ever...

42 is now my new fav number ^.^

too bad i couldnt give it an overall of 42... I dont tehd to like these games too much.. and this one was too easy... but a releif if you just wanna see some pornographic pics instead of having to create a porn account or actually think to get answers right.

Wow... 42 really is the answer to life, the universe, and everything...

o ya 42, 42 and uh 42. o dont forget about 42, and that 42 was great. the girl was really hot to. now if you will excuse me i gotta go 42.5/5

for those of u that are dumbasses and cant get the first time the answers are 42, 42, 42, 42, ect. i will give you the answers to most of the strip quizes, just look for brody9 c-ya perverts.

42...42....42!!!!!!!!!!! *Drools*

seriously dude: is that whole "42 thing" just a misguided attempt at a sexy tribute to Douglas Niles? a little nostalagic, aren't we?

MAN o Man one of the hotes games i ever played

LOL that was awesome. Good f-ing job

its a really fun and easy quiz where number 42 is allways in center please keep up the good work

Goddamn... What more is there to say besides that bitch is fine as hell. What is her name???? 42!!!

what is her name (so that I may do some "research")

Yay Hitchhiker's Guide!!!!

Nicely made game. That babe is truly a hottie. I wish 42 was the answer to everything on my last exam...

tht wuz fukin great tht chik iz realy hot

Man I love the number 42

dude jou just made me love the number 42

42 new fav num

This was by far one of the hardest quiz games i've ever played. That's why i've spent the past 2 hours trying to complete it. It's just that hard. I mean i spent like 6 minutes on every question! The questions were easy but the pictures and sounds, are just... distracting...... These games should be illeagal.

There is nothing not to love about this quiz. I love the pics, the questions, the sounds... everyting. Truely the ultimate trbute to strip quiz's everywhere ^^

very nice!

Not only does it have good pics, but its funny as hell, easy as hell, and has a POPSICLE! What more could you want!?!? Besides more pics of different girls :D

i give this game a 42 i love the number 42 its such a great number awwwwwww 42 you plesure me so.

i want popsickles andhuge signs of 42 around my house (NO FAT CHICKS)10 for violence because of her sounds ;)

incase you're blind or mildly retarded the answer is always 42

1 sec..Uh..1second Im busy.. Srry I was jackin off. THAT WAS SOOO HOT

Wow. Hot chick, best sound. The only thing is that the sound would repeat.

ingenious, for the people like me. more pics please. just a helpful idea get two girls in there and of course keep it free

all the other ones you gota memorize the order and sh*t....this you jsut have to hit 42......not to mention that chick is extremly hot!

i would love to be that popsicle........
can i expect another one from you like this?

This game the bomb!!! i also noticed the reference to the hitchhiiker's guide to the universe, this game Rules!!! 10 10 10!!!

God bless you and god bless rocket pops...now i want a rocket pop..damnit.

heh...remember that responce when gf asks do you love her and hope she strips...

This is what Ive been waiting for.No more quizes that I have to do over and over and over ...... That was a great bonus at the end.
Even my wife liked it>GREAT TWIST GUYS. Keep em cummin!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe because all answers are 42, is because 42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life the Univerese and Everything? Dude put down Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy for a sec even if its a gr8 book ;)

That was a pretty funny game yet annoying all at the same time lol .. i give it a thumbs up

who thought a porn game would get a humor rating of 10? Funniest porn game ever.

sweet dude, funny as hell, good sound, great lookin girl, took me like 5 ?s to catch on...play it and u'll c wut i mean. keep up the good work!

i agree with that guy, this game is f***in hilarious. u dont need to know stupid random crap or anything, the chick is hot, sound was good. keep up the good work, i'd like to see another quiz like this, tho i dont think anything could be funnier than this. this game beats out all those other strip quizes by a million miles.

this is the greatest strip quiz game on newgrounds, that sound is the greatest! the chick is pretty hot and i don't need to know chemistry or any types of useless facts! you get a 10, my friend.

made me shag every time......... and i dotn shag easily, even da dress my babe 5 dint make me shag..... i just love da orgasm sound ............ o yea o yea o yea!!!!!!!!!!!!..........!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE 42 GET MORE 42!!!!!!!!!!

my new favorite number

That was the most retarded game I have ever played...You could have at least put in some hot redheads..

Wow, I failed so many times -_-

I forgot to look at what i was clicking....

every answer is 42!

hehe someones been reading Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy!

The answer to life the universe and everything is ??? .... 42!!!!

yay for porn and books!

my favorite number is going to be 42 from now on so i can see women play with popsicles and get naked.

first i wsa surprised when it was all 42 but then i realised. btw nice pics and sound was that your mom (jk)

I really hope that the "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" reference was intentional (because, in the series it is explaned that 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everthing).


This one is going in my favorites!

now my favorite number is 42 because of this lady/stripper.THANK U

42 is now my favorite number. this is the snitz that people need more of,it can make a man horny AND hungry.although that last shot did look a little painful so i gave violence a 10,and becides did you see that way she melted that popcical with her heat?? its not right!she should have stuck it in her self then licked it.

that game was great had no choice but give you a 10 on the humor part for the 42 deal. lol and i gave you a 10 on the violence because it looks like she was kinda spreading herself really hard on that last shot.

that was the best game i ever played. if only in real life would a real girl take off her clothes if u just kept saying 42

O ya for all u dumb fucks out there all the answers are 42
1. 42
2. 42
3. 42
4. 42
5. 42
6. ok if you havent got the pattern yet then #6 is Your Momma

*Bonus* 43

...awesome quiz...no work involved, that's good...most quizzes are f***ing hard to beat...the girl was sexy, no denying it...overall, this was a great game...

lol this is a good one, no work involved

i loved it (duh, notice the summary?) it was great in all feilds, and 42 really IS the answer to life, the universe, and everything, isnt it?

Wow... she is hott as hell... and it's funny because the answer is 42 to every question.... but why 42?

BEST....STRIP QUIZ.........EVER good work

hahaha i would like to compliment you on how hard the question are good work :)

Theres only 1 thing i can say about this game ive never like a number more then 69 before but now 42 is the best number in the world

good idea right 2 the point sound in the backround and a very hott chick.

it's great but you should have had more girls and more 42 *praises 42* if you make another one and i hope you do make it more girls and more questions

I believe that it could be better. It is though already great.

good game make a new one please and maybe add some more people. but great and simple. oh and to the other people if you cant enjoy the simplicity then youre f'd up.


42 is the answer to life the universe and everything, so of course it would be the answer to all the questions lol

HAHAHA That is great, suprisingly simple after you catch the... erm... pattern... i guess it would be called. Nice job man... really quality for those whom don't enjoy thinking.

fuck all the other strip games, this ones the best. if you play any of the strip games, it better be this one.42(0)!!!!

see th movie hichhikers guide to the galexy 42 is the meaning of life the world and everything.

pure awsome striporrific flash. i love the bonus!!!

Moooooooooooooooore man, I beg you!!!!!!!!!!
That was so friggin awesome!

So thats what my favorite food is...
Overall=42 :)

Very easy strip. I've learned some things to use in school now. All answers are 42. =P

It took me about two failures to figure it out...you are the greatest person in the world --Ty--100K--..That girl was so sexy..

that woman makes this quiz the best ever, i would give almost anything to fuck her like no one would believe(and by almost i mean my life, cuz then i wouldnt get to fuck her) man what i would give!!!!

ps - i dont have my sound on so i was forced to rate it low, and i found NO reason for this to have any violent content


is your source on these questions relyable?
I got so many wrong.

Best (strip) quiz i have ever encountered. Absolutely fabulous, my respect to the author (and the model)....sweet...

That was great. I enjoyed it, Lol. Hilarious!!! =D

Fuckin Genious

jesus fucking christmasmakes me horny and at the same time makes me hungry....thats the way america is suposed to be..ass pussy..and a burger ya know?.very nice!!!

lol man that was funny ...... very very educational lol
i bet u can leatn how 2 count to 42

yay! my 2 favorite things combined! douglas adams and pr0n*

whats the answer to life the universe and everything 42 very clever great sound and the popcicle make this one of the better strip quizzes

sweet dude

every body that check the settings menu

HOT DAMN! she was really friekin sexy! OUT OF ALL THE STRIP QUIZZES I PLAYED, THIS ONE WAS THE BEST. since because i didnt get a headache trying to figure out the questions. 1 THUMB UP

Lol this was really fun. I couldn't get it at first :( but i figured it out! Pretty funny good job!

I kept flunking all the questions. somone help me! lol. good parady. didn't take long to figure it out though. still really good.

nothing like a good parody

man, i love a quiz where thinking is not necessary and a right answer gets you tits. whats that girls name? shes so fucking hot

Pictures r0x0rz, but all the answers r 42. LOLOL!!!! funny man keep it up

Easy but annoying make more pics for it!!

hes right 42 is the answer to every thing im finally free. And the game was great : )

thsi is hularious not jsut becasue it's hte same answer or anyhting like that but 42 is the right answer or it is acording to the book "hitch-hickers guid to the galixy" were you find out that 42 is the answer to the meaning of life and therefore everything... so in turn this is funny and a great way to recal to a book that is truly genius...

42 is the answer to all of them. thats why its funny

haha the answers were 42 lol


thank u thank u thank u. finaly i dont have to theank i can just ejoy the pic,s. thank u thank u thank u

it makes me want a pop cicle
oh by the way i just put something for the scores. :)

i dont think anyone would have thought of doing that because most people probably don like having to actually think about porn. if you have to find answers just to look at porn then your sad. and i think that is what he was trying to get at.

This is a great flash, it is better than previous. But instead of putting 42 as the answer just have the real ones as correct,cos after a while clicking 42 just gets boring.

42,42,42,42,42,42,42,42,42 its soo weird but tooke me 2 tries to figure out lol

guilty :( ERRR WAIT NO leave me alone :( lol jk anyways great game i enjoyed it...made me laugh alot...how many fingers am i holding up? 42...lmfao

yes finally a strip quiz where i dont have to think on behalf of the stupid people i would like to thank you

very funny.....all strip quiz games should bemore like this.

You know I did!

AMAZING!!! tell me..... 42-56+34=
C:Who cares?

AHHHH ALL THE 42's!!!!....can u tell me....what letter is on my shirt?

lol that was awsome the math question cracked me up I am going to show it my teacher tomorow!

i love this quiz especially the sounds. im looking forward to another one.

THat was great. Why can't a;; of those quizs be like that. That had great sound too hehe

The answer to the eternal question of life, the universe, and everything, is 42. (Douglas Adams) Nice job.

The pictures are real and awesome and the sound is great. This is so much better than those other ones where if you fail you have to go back to the start and the pictures are all fake and gay. Hurry up and make quiz 43. :)

for the rest of my life, if i dont know any answer or even if i do.. its 42.

Oh! NOW I understand that quote!! And to think i was contemplating that for so long...

I would have givin it a 42 if there waz 1

Nice job , Ty.

idea was very nice.. lol


Get the setting enabled ASAP.



it was prity good and very funny if you bothered to read the questions

Awesome tribute and just plain funny, I liked this a lot.

not only was that sexy but the questions (if you bothered to read them) were funny as hell

simply ASStonishing

Bro you got the fuckin awsome hot ass girl and you got the best pics...................E-mail me pics at..............V e n e z o l a n o_d e_m i a m i @ h o t m a i l.c o m (no spaces)

All I can say is that was damn funny. After the first 5 wrong answers I realized it wasn't me comiting an ID-10-T error

42 is my new favrite number. --ty--100k-- Rulez

Yeah, thats the shit. Sometimes, all you want in a game is a whole lot of filth. Who really gives a toss what the answers are. Just show us the Poon Tank!!!

42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42

ecxept on the first qustion, 7+6 isn't 42, 7x6 is.

that was hilarious. hot pics too

That was great!!

a 10 overall 4 you 2 , continue with that great ideas !!!

42. heh. i get it. As in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, right?

Awsome awsome awsome awsome!!!!! So when will settings be enabled? soon to be 42 times. working on 34 now.

so many numbers, 42 ....... every where

P.s umm how many pies did you eat?

omg that was the best Test every . . . . I think 42 is my Favourite number now

^^^ ^^^
0 0


It was easy once i got the first one and the same answer keep pooping up the answer is 42 damn it stay with that and u will win

dude, good game but its WAY too hard. god damn. i played it like 40 times before i beat it! TOO HAERDDD!!!!!!

for people with no sense of sarcasim, that was sarcasm

do you have a vagina? answer 42. lol. Man that was great. Man i wish i could lick that popsicle off that fine a** b****** t***.

all the answers are 42 lol
last question is funny though

I can't move

.. it IS the answer to everything.

Best game ever. ( tally me for the edit)

the answer is always 42

The awnsers are a, b, c, c, a, b, b, a, c, b, a, and b...muhahaha

Omg thats funny every awser is 42 XD

thanks man, got a few nice laughs from this one :D

"sup dood?"

i took me awhile to figure out that everything was 42. it was even in the title. im a slow child

1. 42
2. 42
3. 42
4. 42
5. 42
6. 42
7. 42
8. 42
9. 42
10. 42
11. 42
12. 42
13. 42
14. 42
15. 42
16. 42
17. 42
Bonus: 42

LOLZ J00 hornee guys liek to look at da PIcZ j00 pervzz!!!11!!!@!222

But seriously. I salute you. Some quality pictures (and sound ;), absolutely hysterical questions, a woman with a popsicle melting on her, and a strip quiz parody, all in one. Congratulations.

awesome pics and good questions

nice quiz, didn't make me use my brain too much! nice idea also!, and who's the girl in the quiz and where did you get the pictures?

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

1) Bob
2) 42
3) You read too much Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

mm that girl was yummy ;) I love the way she used that popsicle, I should try that when my boyfriend's with me

This game really pissed me off until I got the concept. Truly you are good. Screaming noises were good and I had to turn the sound down for obvious reasons. << >> *cough*

Girl was cute, questions were a little too easy but funny none the less, lots of pics, and an ice lolly being used in an unconventional way. Make more

Dude that was hilarious!!!!



1: .
2: /

The chic was hot, and I loved the use of the answer to life, the universe and everything. But still, come on...

Damn she is fine. Bout damn time there are answers even a drunken redneck can answer.

Psst....The answer is 42. And 42, and 42, and 42, and 42......


ha ha ha thank you

awesome...thats it, just awesome...if u read this at work...turn ur sound off ;)

42 RULES!!!

Thank you so much.

Hey dudes, its 42.

This is what quiz games should be!! Easy, gratuitously nude and with great sound. Everyone could learn from this guy.

The answer to all the questions is 42, this is the number from the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, where the answer to life(or something close to it) is 42. Needless to say whoever made this flash was a fan of the books or movies. Congrats or something I guess?

Ok, this is kind of a stupid game to start with but it has chicks so yeah it's passable. But once I relized that 7+6 is 13 and that wasn't an answer I immediatly closed the window. If you're gonna make a game like this at least make the questions and answers work. I understand that the underlying theme is that every answer is 42 but are you really that lazy that you can't go back and make a + to a *? Worthless game really.

How much more do you plan to deliver?? Even if it's your first Stip Quiz... there's like to many of those in NG. It's an easy way to get a first flash to pass NG judgment... put a chicks and some question and here you go. Well that may explain why I've voted so low on the "style" part.

However, this one was a bit different, I really like that one.
Good stuff

Grats for your daily award.

Dude, I so totally laughed after realizing that 42 was the answer to everything (hitchiker style)
If I could give you a 42 I would ;D

mmmmmm.... 42....

42? this wasent exacly thought out, even if it is a nude game id like some intelligence to be put in....

i give this a 42

I can only say one thing that actualy came to my mind at this moment, to subscribe everything that i think of your animation, and it will be the only wright anwser to all possible tests( even in school or in other choices in life)- 42

42 hell yeah god game nice job make more man ! hehe god game

42 42 42, 42 42. 42 42 42

This had re-kindled my love for rocket popsicles....and 42....:\

No more to add =P

Awesome quiz! :D



Umm.. 42?

Heh, first friggen strip quiz I've passed, thx mate ^^ lol.
Liked to sounds and pics, nice work..oh and that last pic..lol

The pictures are nice, but the thing I actually enjoyed the most was the humor in the questions.

Extremely 'hard'.. figurately speaking of course :)

How does she get cleaned up halfway through?

The first picture was some high-quality stuff.
This was a good quiz, and the moaning audio in the background made it good enough alone... lol kinda turned me on.
This quiz is definately worth a visit.

forty two.

I'd click it a 42 if the scale didn't only go to 5. Man... Who was that girl??????? Cause i gots to know... she's a li'l hottie

that is the funnyest strip quiz by far

And here I thought I would have to think! Good Job. Very funny

hahahaha, 42!!! i shoulda guessed!!!! hahahaha, good stuff, good stuff... do another! haha... well, acually, you cant do another once its been done once... but... thats ok... hahaha.

That was hilarious! here are the answeres. 1.42 2.42 3.43 4.42 5.42 6..... Great Job.

not bad, but always answering '42' all the time did get bit stupid after a while. otherwise it was average.

I've never cracked up this much over a quiz game before. Your work is amazing, I could barely look at the pictures I was laughing so hard (I said barely...I mean, come on, I'm not gay or anything.....JESUS CHRIST, ONE TIME IN COLLEGE AND I HAVE TO LIV..) sorry......

I don't know if the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference was intentional but I like it anyways. But once you figure out the pattern it's basically just a porn slide show. A well presented one, but still.

Funniest flash of its nature, ever. Pictures were crystal clear too, good work.

i kept on trying the right answers but i was pissed cause your answers were wrong,,,,found out 42 was everything this game was about...goood one

ok ill admit i was ready to blam this thinkin it was just another bunch of stoopid questions with a bunch of pics i can fidn on my own with no brain power....but thats a nice twist to it,,,good job

8 kicks 42's ass

The 7+6 part I was like... wtf, where's the right answer. Then as I read over other reviews. The answer will always be 42. =P Good job. Very Tricky at first.

Like everyone else, I'm craving a popsicle now! Wish she came with it, though :) Your quiz was very smooth and well done. I'm gonna go check out your other work now, GJ

Awsome job on making this! The questions were funny and easy, and the pics were very hot. Again, great job and do more!

nude = woot all my 5r are belong to us

Thats was really funny! Not to mention sexy and hot. That bitch was smokin. You know what i hate, your questions are too hard... lol. Can u make the quiz just a bit easier, please. HAHAHA. 42, im still laughing, cuz this game was just funny and great. Cheers to all the horn bags out there!!! ~peace~

I need a popsicle, NOW!!

dont you hate it when you have to peel your boxers off from the inside of your pants... damn i want a popicicle


Yes, No or 42? lol, that was funny.
I also liked how you added sounds when she got more and more naked. Pretty good, better than the other strip quizes out there.

Keep Up The Good Work!

...but not for the porn, loved how every answer was 42...you a hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy fan??

you are just lucky there are a lot of porn fans out there.

like the number 42 there i guess huh...rofl nice job

Well, that was kinda funny. I missed the first one and said "WTF??" Then I got the hint. Almost missed that last question there!

You are bizzare.

Damn she was FINE! great job and im glad the answer was always 42! cuz in any other sex quiz it's annoying when u dont know the answer! i would have given u a 10 in sound but then moaning all of a sudden stopped:( lol gj!

Great work, finally a strip quiz with both hot girls and easy question :D

hint - the sum of all of my scores (except for Overall).

Every answer is 42! LOL!!

good game but what ever you do ALWAYS ANSWER 42!

But wer da fuck did you get those noises from!

Yeah, we all know pretty much that strip quizzes are just an excuse to put up porn slideshows on Newgrounds, while still being able to claim it's a game, and you nailed it down pat. The joke was funny, and the gradually increasing nakedness girls was good-looking... that;s about the best you can hope for I guess. :P

Good job, it took me a couple tries to get the joke though, lol.

The questions were quite nice ans the menustyle was chosen very wisely !
The overall looked nice and the girl was Supah HOT !
Do you feel like collaborating sometimes in things like this ?
E-mail back or respong if possible !
Keep this up !

Its called 42 for a reason funny. Good tribute lol

Not only did you make a funny reference, you did a good job at mocking every quiz out there.

That was funny its probably the only sex quiz that didnt take me an hour of guessing to finish

This is the first strip quiz that I knew all the answers to before having to take it 20 times! Woo! You rock! ^_^

*Takes the quiz again, just to be sure it wasn't dumb luck*

Geez that was hilareous, normally I don't like this sex games since they depict women as sex objects and not people, but after reading some review I just had to see what was so funny. Let me put it this way.
It was so funny that I didn't even look at the picture...

And Tw1stedMynd, it was meant to be a joke okay. And before you start ranting about math, realize that "Twisted" does not have a "1" in it. And "Mind" most definetly is not spelt with a "y"

Good Job

One of the great questions. I know the answer it is 42!!!

42...42...42...Lol great parody.

no advice here keep up the good work... 42... lol

Nice job. It was well-made, with extremely accurate questions.


Popsicle anybody?

omg, if only every quiz was like this quiz.. have a hot girl strip as you answer all the questions correctly. damn this girl is hot!

how come the settings were disabled?

too damn funny 42 ><
even a 6 year old can answer this right
please make some more ;)

42 oh that was priceless. You should have added what is the meaning of life, but even still it was good. Pretty nice pics too. I liked it, good work.

Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy reference. Sweet!

In the first question, (7x6), it looks like a plus sign. I was thinking it was a "none of the above" answer. I eventually guessed and clicked 42. I'm sure you did this for humour, but all the answers are 42. It's rather funny. As you can see, I put a 2 for "humour". The picture wasn't that good, either.


this made me laugh hard

what more can a guy want?! ;) - loved the 42 thing - hilarious!

That's great!

That was crazy dude... My geuss is you read the hitchhikers guide... All in all, this game rocked. :D Made my day!

the ans were all the same. lame


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